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Finding New Direction

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on June 13, 2010

Finding New Direction

Here is the reality of the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc’s George W Bush and Dick Cheney’s wars as the lap-dog of the Rothschild and Bilderbergs’ Drug Trade, prostitution, chop shops and Gangs globally.  This is a FED induced and fueled War to insure we, Americans, are under the thumb of the Rothschild, Bilderbergs and the Central Global Banking system and that’s what Reagan set up with “normalization” of relations with China and Bush mortgaged America to them to feed his greed and traitorous acts of a standing Praetorian Guard in Blackwater, KBR, and the Military Contractors that are constitutionally illegal.


If you had your share of this money in your pocket this instant you would be $123,000.00 richer!  That’s real economic stimulus for Main Street but you can be damn sure that American Citizens will never, ever receive a stimulus to equal the $7 Trillion Heist of History orchestrated by Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner, Bush and Cheney.

Our Purchased Politicians have fed the Corporate Fascist’s greed while lining their own pockets through legalize and legitimized bribery…  They are powerless now as the first move to rein in these Corrupt Corporate Fascists results in a warning shot of a 1,000 point Stock Market Plunge just to demonstrate what Bernanke can do.  Blackmail by the to big to fail that wouldn’t exist without us and yet they stop lending to play with our cash in their private gambling parlor.

The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc and the US Congress & Senate have pissed away American Prosperity to enrich the Bilderbergs, the Rothschild, the FED and the Corporate Fascists of Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater aka XE and the ever-present BP, EXXON and the other Oil Robber Barons with the Aerospace and Military ordnance manufacturers the only sources prospering in the United States today…

The Congress and Senate are owned by the Corporate Fascists and the Supreme Court too.

We’ve been sold out.

There are damned few on Capital Hill who represent the people and at this point I have to recognize the reality that we have exchanged a Halliburton White House of Traitors and torturer for a Goldman Sachs White House of Bankers and Lawyers who are rapidly becoming worse than Bush…  GITMO is still open and prisoners are held without trial or due process in America!

The Actual Cost of this Corporate Fascist Fiasco initiated by Bush is over 1,200 American lives and $1 Trillion this instant and growing…

The losses of our NATO Allies and Friends is equally as staggering and the damages to their economies is more contained than the damage to ours in that we are supporting 90% of this Illegal War to guard the Opium Poppies and Oil for the Oligarchy.  End the WAR!

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Does anyone out there actually think we are able to legislate ourselves out of this?

The outlaw of Lobbyists.

The Reform of Campaign Financing.

Repairing a corrupt system that has a culture of lies, fraud, corruption, kickbacks, revolving doors, pay-offs, bribery and outright purchase of the political system with the Roberts Supreme Court in Collusion with the Corporate Fascists.

Time for the FBI to get the investigations moving and start putting these criminals behind bars.  I know; as if that would ever happen.

Bush confesses openly to Torturing and is proud of it.  That’s defines the depth of the illness that consumes the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc and the Blue Dog Democrats.

Does anyone out there think that we’re able to get Corporate Personhood overturned and remove the Veil of Corporations to make the Boards of Directors, the Executives and Stockholders Civilly and Criminally liable for the actions of the Business they own?

The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc have delivered discrediting and intended to delegitimize the office of President acts of legislation in AZ on Immigration that was not required.  The legislation is created by Nazis and signed into law by Bigots with racist animus for anyone that isn’t bright white and an Evangelical Cults of Jesus Inc member.  That’s your theocracy and Arizona can proudly hale as the IRAN of the Desert Southwest.  All hale Gov Jan Ayatollah Brewer of the 7 Mountain Mandate of Dominion and Hate… Just like her Sister Shrilla from Wasilla and the insane Bachmann of Minnesota, DeMint of SC and the ever present and Seditious Braun are all in the same pew.  The ever-orange Boehner is just too dumb and spineless to do anything but bellow but he’s a good chiorboy for the high priestess of Hate…

Here are a few links from earlier pieces:

President Obama, please stop all Federal Funding of the State of Arizona and any other State that adopts this type of repugnant legislation intended to reinforce the police state and not insure citizen safety.


What Americans must do is demand a Constitutional Convention to enact Amendments to the Constitution that will:

1) End the FED and Demand a balanced Budget of the Federal and all State Governments within a flat-tax rate of 15% for the Federal Government and not more than 5% total for States on income in excess of $60,000.00.  All income for households earning less than $60,000.00 is exempt.

2) Remove the Corporate Veil and expose the Boards of Directors and Executive Officers to the same civil and criminal liabilities of every Biological Person.  Any and all Business within the United States must conform to all United States Rules and Regulations with United States Registry and paying United States Taxes inclusive of off-shore interests operating on US leased soil or doing business within the United States.

3) Term Limit all Politicians and Ban Lobbyists effectively removing the Legitimized Bribery that our Purchased Politicians have provided themselves to line their own pockets at all our expense.

4) Enact a true 1 person-1 vote Democracy with the destruction of the Electoral College that has created such abominations as the Presidency of the United States for George W Bush when Al Gore received the majority vote.  Within this is the stipulation that paper back-up ballots must be produced for any and all elections with a clear chain of custody for these.

5) Universal rights to Citizens of the United States are extended to Health Care, Educational Opportuntiy and Mortgage Opportunity through the United States Bank.

6) Establish a clear path to Citizenship for immigration.

America is broken by the corruption of Government with the Greed of the Corporate Fascists.  The path to a Constitutional Convention is difficult and fraught with dangers and then requires 2/3 of all States to vote in favor of this.

The call for a Constitutional Convention has been growing for the past decade and it’s long past time that We The People take back our governance and make the changes that the purchased politicians on Capital Hill refuse to enact.

Does anyone believe that the Congress of the United States or the Senate is able to enact legislation to remove the Corporate Veil?  This tool of the Corporate Fascists employ is exactly what keeps Mining Murderers like Blankenship and Oil Barons like BP continuing their rape and pillaging of the United States Citizens with absolutely no accountability.

Does anyone in America believe that we can get the Purchased Politicians to deliver on the destruction of the cash cow of Lobbyists that they’ve worked the past 60 years to legitimize this Bribery and fraud against the American Citizens?

The FED declared War against the American Citizens with Paulson’s beginning the give away to the Corporate Fascists in 2-3% interest money and Bernanke rose this rape of the United States Citizens with .0-.2% interest money printed out of thin air while the Corporate Fascists of the Banksters and Wall Street have, in collusion, shut out the American Small Business from loans, shut out the American Citizens from credit and rapes Americans with interest rates as high as 30% from the too big to fail who get .0-.2% money to loan from the FED.

As an American who is concerned about our future these measures, more than any others, are the suggestions I would offer to move forward on repair of a profoundly broken system.

The positive side of ending the War on Drugs is elimination of the costs of enforcement of this failed prohibition and the warehousing of humans with medical problems.

The positive aspects of each of the above.

This piece from Crooks And Liars is a real interesting piece in it’s overall scope and the idiocy of Steven Moore who in grand conservative ignorance says: “No Taxpayer Money for Green Technology” in the Video Cafe… Jump over and take the few to watch the piece…

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  1. Jeffer Mitchell said, on June 14, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    Excellent 6 points on government reform!

    The corporate-controlled media “manufactures consent,” spinning news in a direction that obscures government and compels the working class to support self-defeating measures. The one shining light that penetrates through this fog of spin is the phenomenon of the internet and blogs like your own. However, we live in the “wild west days” of the internet in the United States. Content, resources and access are mostly unregulated, but that’s subject to change. Corporate tyrants are prone to imposing vast internet regulations at any time. For instance, McCain, at one point, called for internet services to be provided in a similar fashion as cable TV. I’m unsure of the exact changes he suggested, but such measures as limiting website access to pre-packaged bundles; requiring government certification for all websites; requiring licenses and documentation for private uploads and downloads- all are potential methods for transforming the U.S. internet into another consent manufacturering puppet. I almost suggested that some sort of media reform/internet freedom protection should accompany your points, but I hesitate to put the issue into the spotlight for fear of bringing down the regulations even sooner.

    Thanks for your good work.


    • activecitizen54 said, on June 14, 2010 at 1:50 pm

      Great to hear from you Jeff. Hope all is well in the northland. The Issues of Net Neutrality are one of the top issues on my list and here in Florida the Verizon folks have decided to attempt to throttle access already. There is a suit pending that is sure to go to the Supreme Court over the First Amendment rights to Free Speech that this type of action violates. I’m on this and moving with it as rapidly as is humanly possible.
      Blessed be and say Hi to the wife…

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