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Understanding Your Neighborhood

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on June 13, 2010

Understanding Your Neighborhood:

On a hoot, out of boredom and nervous energy from finally having completely quit smoking, I decided to discover who is in my neighborhood.  It’s a silly thought for most Americans who hide behind closed doors and vegetate on TV but I took my best shot over the course of 2 days to obtain 100 responses.

I understand the basic concept of polling and the requirement for consistent questioning to insure consistent results so I’ve posted the questions I asked in order asked with their corresponding answers.

I spoke to 100 households within walking distance of my home.

The Questions:

Are you registered to vote?

32 yes

68 no

Which party do you most closely identify with?

Voters: 8 Republicans, 1o Democrats, 14 Independents

Non-Voters: 12 Republicans, 23 Democrats, 27 Independents

Totals: 20 Republicans, 33 Democrats, 47 Independents (or “other” because I had 6 people reply as “American.” and they were adamant about not being any of the above).

How did you identify yourself on the US Census?


18-African American or Black

21- Hispanic

6-Asian of Chinese decent

3-Asian of Vietnamese decent

3-Arabic Farsi

2-mixed ethnicity

5-American (4 of apparently Caucasian decent, 1 Seminole Indian)

Are you satisfied with the Government today?

87 -No


Of the issues today listed as The Economy, The Wars, Taxes or The Oil Spill; what is the greatest concern to you?

67 The Wars

12 The Economy

2 Taxes

19 Oil Spill

To whom do you attribute the current conditions above?

88 George W Bush Administration and of these 15 identified Dick Cheney as who they “blame.”

11 Barrack H Obama

1 The FED

Do you feel optimistic about the future direction of the USA?

72 yes

12 no

16 nothing will change or no opinion or expressed disenfranchisement

What religious affiliation do you most closely identify with?

Christian 28

Part of the remarkable response here was that 22 respondents volunteered their opinion that Obama is the Anti-Christ in this group of self-identified Christians.

Baptist 25

Catholic 3

Hebrew 4

Islamic 12

Buddhist 5

None 49

Of the following what would you rate as being most important?

Education 42

Economy 31

Ecology 27

If you could tell President Obama directly what your opinions are; what would be your major topic?

The Wars 78

The Economy 12

Equal rights 8

Wouldn’t speak with Obama 2

Are you employed?

73 yes

27 no (15 unemployed and 12 retired or disabled)

If provided the unlimited financing of Government what issue or problem would you address first?

61 End the Wars

28 Jobs or Small Business

7 Universal Health Care

4 Homelessness and Hunger

Would you approve or disapprove of the Obama Administration today?

78 Approve of President Obama’s actions to date.

22 Disapprove

Would you support public funding for campaigns?

61  Support

39 Against

What responsibility do you place on your Elected Representatives in Congress and the Senate for the condition of America today?

76 place full responsibility on the Congress and Senate

13 place full reponsibility on the Bush

11 place full responsibility on Obama

If you could, would you end Lobbying on Capital Hill?

95 Yes

5 No


From this simple afternoon of polling my neighbors I became better acquainted with the wonderful humans who inhabit the pocket community here and was fairly stunned by the responses above.  I know it’s not scientific and that by being there in person I may have skewed results some by presenting the questions in the order above or in their framing but the information about those humans living near me is enlightening.

I have to note here that I knocked on 200 doors to get 100 responses and over 60 answered the door but would not speak with me for whatever reasons they held.  There were 2 households where no one spoke English and I tentatively identified the languages as Russian and Hebrew but I have no confirmation.  I did conduct 3 interviews in Spanish because these households were more comfortable in their home language.

Out of the 200 properties I walked a shocking 57 are currently listed for sale with active “For Sale” signs on the lawn.  There were 7 out of the 200 with active foreclosure notices or “Forclosed call Bank for Details” signs plus 5 more that were vacant or openly abandoned.  There are 2 new housing starts and 6 active remodeling jobs with permits within these properties.

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