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Tuesday Terrorism

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on June 22, 2010

Tuesday Terrorism:

Just when your governments are telling you it’s safe to go into the water on the Gulf Beaches this “news” appears.  There is no question about the sociopathic acts of BP creating this Apocalyptic disaster of a poison gas well that they knew about and experienced many problems with on the initial bore but decided to cut corners and safety processes threatening the endangered Gulf Walrus thanks to Cheney’s closed door meetings and capture of MMS by the Oil Industry.

The fruits of the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc lay about all those in the Gulf shores.


It seems that the Terrorists are among the ranks of our very own Military with the interview McCrystal, the grandstanding General’s interview in Rolling Stone.

This piece from September, 2009 during McCrystal’s grandstanding for additional troops to continue the Bush/Cheney Wrecking Crew’s lie and fraud of War in Afghanistan guarding Opium Poppies for the Oligarchy is now coming back to bite him in the ass.  Couldn’t happen to a better liar than McCrystal.

Well he got his 30,000 bodies for cannon fodder and winning the hearts and minds of the Afghani heroine addicts just hasn’t happened and these idiots from the Pentagon and their Neo-Con support left over from Dubya have screwed the US Citizens big time.


If the government really wants to do something about Terrorism they will stop the number one source of funding and end the prohibition on drugs.

And this is how they, the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc “take care of the kids.”

We are endangering our kids because no controls exist on illegal drugs as they do on Alcohol or tobacco.  We risk criminalize our kids from the authoritarian actions of a Republican Cults of Jesus Inc stacked courts and the inherent risk-taking of youth.  Are you proud of yourselves for creating this risk for your kids with your ignorant prohibitions?

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