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Seditious Saturday

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on June 26, 2010

Seditious Saturday

Violent Crime and property crime are at their lowest levels in Arizona in the last 30 years and the Bigot Brewer is howling.  The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc agenda of delegitimization of the Presidency of Barrack Hussein Obama is clear in this strawman act of pure animus that is not supported in any metrics and allows the real cause; those employing illegals, to continue unchallenged while howling about their “problem.”

This is the foundation of the animus and hopefully the death throes of the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc and their pogroms of Lies, Hate and Fear-Mongering.


End the War on Drugs!

Here’s the take of ex-pat writer Joe Bageant on the oligarchy’s punitive industry labeled the “War on Drugs” whose bloody battlegrounds are Mexico and Columbia:

“In hyper capitalist American culture, everything, be it cars, cancer or war, every activity, legal or illegal, must turn a corporate profit. That includes even the nastiest activities, such as drug distribution and addiction. So the far-flung network of profitable state sanctioned industries, from prisons and police battalions, to rehabilitation, are marketed as necessary fixtures of the drug war. . . .

“The numbers regarding the massive industries based on the War on Drugs simply get lost somewhere out there among the trillions. After all, what’s $50 billion a year spent for our narcotics cops? Well, $50 billion makes just chasing the dopers an industry the same size as the movie business, and slightly bigger than the telecom industry. Furthermore, the narco cop industry is joined at the hip with the American prison industry — the world’s largest — a $45 billion enterprise based on drug convictions. Which of course entails the court systems and billions to the syndicate of lawyers, the state’s officially recognized commissars of peasant conflicts. Standing in the wings are the rest of the commissariat, such as the drug rehabilitation professionals. With such a fat hog of public funds there for the cutting, it was only natural that the Department of Homeland Security would increasingly focus its 225,000 employees and $42 billion budget on the drug wars.”

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