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Happy 4th of July

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

It’s summer and the living this year is far from easy.

And the Purchased Bastards on Capital Hill approved the Afghanistan War Spending even with all the calls.  The system is broken because the American People are ignored and viewed only as cannon fodder and cash cows.  Sheeple to be shorn…

Even with all the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc sedition and Open Lies this President, Barrack Hussein Obama has accomplished a tremendous amount of good for this country from a very centrist position without rising to the bait of the insane right.

The Rant continues and hopefully some will be read and understood.  The links to the HP responses are here:

I am committed to pushing for constructive solutions for all in win-win situations.

Here is a financial and Global reality spelled out:

“The financial crisis is being used to cover a subversion of justice, what history may some day regard as essentially a financial coup d’etat, wherein a small group of men, many of whom have their roots and connections with a handful of universities, institutions, and investment banks, essentially seized control of the banking system, and by extension the economy, co-opting the media and the political process, and have been bending it increasingly to their will ever since.”

We are not alone in this and the Class War is upon us all now.

Here is some important news from across the pond that will support my prognostication of a total crash this fall:

From Bernanke’s lying corrupt greedy mouth to your ears:

Entitled “Deflation: Making Sure It Doesn’t Happen Here“, it is a warfare manual for defeating economic slumps by use of extreme monetary stimulus once interest rates have dropped to zero, and implicitly once governments have spent themselves to near bankruptcy.

The speech is best known for its irreverent one-liner: “The US government has a technology, called a printing press, that allows it to produce as many US dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost.”

Bernanke began putting the script into action after the credit system seized up in 2008, purchasing $1.75 trillion of Treasuries, mortgage securities, and agency bonds to shore up the US credit system. He stopped far short of the $5 trillion balance sheet quietly pencilled in by the Fed Board as the upper limit for quantitative easing (QE)

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