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Monday Abuse Line

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on July 19, 2010

Monday Abuse Line:

And if that’s not enough for you from the Cults of Jesus and the Ergot Induced Hallucinations then here from Joe.My.God is the roundup of Holy Crimes:

Over the last seven days…

Missouri: Pastor Charles Moore charged with molesting a nine year-old girl.
Illinois: Pastor Bill Vandergraph charged with sexual assault on a child.
Ottawa: Father William Allen charged with molesting two boys.
Washington: Pastor James Lee Watkins charged with forcible rape of a child.
South Carolina: Pastor Delbert Thigpen charged with lewd assault on a minor.
West Virginia: Father Felix Owino charged with molesting an 11 year-old girl.
Texas: Pastor Gerald Laneaux charged with aggravated sexual assault of a four year-old girl.
Florida: Pastor Kenneth Kleckner charged with attempted child molestation in webcam sting.
Texas: Pastor Dean Tarkington sentenced to ten years in prison in child porn sting.
Wisconsin: Pastor Leonard Van Vlaenderen convicted of theft of church funds.
Alabama: Pastor J. Scott Moore ordered to hand over financial records in $1M fraud investigation.
Illinois: Father Daniel McCormack and Chicago Archdiocese sued by four of his molestation victims.

This Week’s Winner
Wisconsin: Father Patrick Umberger has been charged with possession of child porn. Last year Umberger was accused of repeatedly following little boys into the restroom at a water park. The water park ejected him, revoked his season pass, and placed his name on a predator watch list, but the Milwaukee Archdiocese took no action, saying they believed his claim that a prostate problem required frequent trips to the restroom. (But only when little boys were in there too.)



A quiet break:

Without dogma, ritual or religion; how refreshing.

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