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Cyndi Sunday

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on July 24, 2010

Cyndi Sunday:

From my clubbing days I remember meeting Cyndi Lauper in Ft Lauderdale and being impressed with her open humanity then, and with this blues album, even more so now.

This woman’s courage in speaking out on behalf of the LGBTQ Community has won more hearts and minds than any other on the contemporary scene.

We all know the reality of the Bush/Cheney Wrecking Crew and War Criminals lying us into 2 wars, destroying America and giving away the US Treasury to the Banksters and Wall Street Greed with NO CRIMINAL CHARGES; NO JUSTICE!  We are all over this Corporate Fascist purchased government and know real oppression from their created Depression that grips America today.


I was watching Netroots Nation for this:

Yes, I am disappointed with President Barrack Hussein Obama’s performance on numerous levels but, when considering that the alternative was the most crashed pilot in Air Force history and the Tundra Tart I am reassured and relieved.

The great journalists and activists of the Netroots Nation have helped us to move this far along a real progressive agenda and the voices from Netroots Nation have helped to instill motivation again for the upcoming battles through the election.
For those of us who believe that America is the most powerful and dynamic nation on the face of the Earth, because of the people, there is hope.
We will not be dragged back into the reign of terror that is the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc and their insaniTea.
We will push and prod and cajole and get the Democratic vote out in November knowing that every person who fails to make their voice heard is part of the herd that allowed the Bush/Cheney Wrecking Crew to trample the Constitution, conduct torture, commit war crimes and conduct open warfare on the People of the United States by pandering to his Corporate Fascist Masters.
We have faith that the War Criminals, the Frauds and Gambling Parlor heist of History perpetrators will be indicted, tried and brought to conviction as the vile and repugnant criminals that they are.
Help keep the good fight going.
Get active, speak up, speak out and vote.


The Chinese have declared economic war on the United States and this nation’s propaganda that passes for the main stream media completely ignores this.

From the Exiled on line this piece linked in from the Washington’s Blog.

An excerpt:

America’s biggest creditor – China – has called our bluff.

As the Financial Times notes, the head of China’s biggest credit rating agency has said America is insolvent and that U.S. credit ratings are a joke:

The head of China’s largest credit rating agency has slammed his western counterparts for causing the global financial crisis and said that as the world’s largest creditor nation China should have a bigger say in how governments and their debt are rated.

“The western rating agencies are politicised and highly ideological and they do not adhere to objective standards,” Guan Jianzhong, chairman of Dagong Global Credit Rating, told the Financial Times in an interview.


He specifically criticised the practice of “rating shopping” by companies who offer their business to the agency that provides the most favourable rating.

In the aftermath of the financial crisis “rating shopping” has been one of the key complaints from western regulators , who have heavily criticised the big three agencies for handing top ratings to mortgage-linked securities that turned toxic when the US housing market collapsed in 2007.

“The financial crisis was caused because rating agencies didn’t properly disclose risk and this brought the entire US financial system to the verge of collapse, causing huge damage to the US and its strategic interests,” Mr Guan said.

Recently, the rating agencies have been criticised for being too slow to downgrade some of the heavily indebted peripheral eurozone economies, most notably Spain, which still holds triple A ratings from Moody’s.

There is also a view among many investors that the agencies would shy away from withdrawing triple A ratings to countries such as the US and UK because of the political pressure that would bear down on them in the event of such actions.

Last week, privately-owned Dagong published its own sovereign credit ranking in what it said was a first for a non-western credit rating agency.

The results were very different from those published by Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch, with China ranking higher than the United States, Britain, Japan, France and most other major economies, reflecting Dagong’s belief that China is more politically and economically stable than all of these countries.

Mr Guan said his company’s methodology has been developed over the last five years and reflects a more objective assessment of a government’s fiscal position, ability to govern, economic power, foreign reserves, debt burden and ability to create future wealth.

“The US is insolvent and faces bankruptcy as a pure debtor nation but the rating agencies still give it high rankings ,” Mr Guan said.

This is good news for we in the Progressive Community because this is real teeth directed at the FED, the American Oligarchy of Bansters, Wall Street thieves and the Corporate Fascists.  The American Military Machine is called out for being funded on borrowed money and without any substantial accomplishment.

America and Americans brace yourself for what is coming because the Chinese have declared their clear intention of opening this active economic war on the Corporate Fascists in America and they are conducting the war within their borders now that they’ve baited the Corporate Fascists into building, equipping, establishing the production processes and training the slave labor force enabling this war to exist. The Chinese will not hesitate to nationalize the factories, the production facilities and the Chinese people are revolting over the slave wages.

This is going to be the death of Walmart’s bargans, the end of the FED, the end of the US Military, Industrial, Congressional complex and it can’t come soon enough.

We are going to have some rough times for American Families and the very fabric of America is destined to be shreded by economic collapse in America.

You can be guaranteed that the Corporate Fascists are going to come running to the US Citizens to bail their unhappy asses out and we’re not.  That’s the bottom line.  Let the Chinese take the investments of the Corporate Fascists who greedily threw America under the bus to reap their God-Almighty Profits and we’ll build without their sorry asses involved at all.

The restoration of America; an America framed by what we desire is the focus now because what exists today will be no more.  We have an opportunity to make America work by banding together to provide the services, products and talent to restore America’s economic engine without these greedy Corporate Fascists digging their slimy hateful fingers into our labor, distribution and success.

I am not afraid of the coming economic war; I’ve been destroyed already by caring for my parents, brother and best friend Nancy in their last days; by the astronomical costs of medical care for heart and cancer patients.  The reality of “cash in advance” for the profit driven medical supply systems stripped me of retirement savings, home ownership and my last scraps of savings.

I’ve lost my business to the strangle hold that the prosperity vacuum of the “too big to fail” created in shutting down credit to small business in 2007.  I’ve lost my employment for the very same reason and the total human loss rolls across the 150 former employees, their families, the co-workers and their families and the individual losses that I can point to and clearly identify are more than the $100 million in lost real estate, incomes, investment, property values or other assets.

I’ve witnessed the destruction of human values and human worth to pander to the socialize loss with privatized profits of the top 3%.  I’ve watched as American Families’ dreams and aspirations for the future have been systematically destroyed by the actions of Holy Republican Cults of Jesus government.

For me; there is nothing left so I’m a dangerous human.  I’ve had every last scrap of prosperity ripped from me and now I’m fully prepared to lay down my life for the betterment of this America that I once knew and loved but that has become so greedy and perverted that is sucks the prosperity and life out of America.  When is it enough?  How much more will the thieves demand?

I am the dangerous American Citizen who now has no concern for anything but a better future for all and I’ll take any and all of them on to make a difference for the 150 who once were friends and peers and employees; who had homes and dreams and lives and now barely subsist if they are within my circle at all because most have retreated to family homes.

Am I concerned for America?

You bet I’m concerned for America but I welcome the economic warfare of the Chinese to put these Corporate Fascists, who the Bush/Cheney Wrecking Crew of War Criminals and Torturers handed over full control of the United States.

I view this as an opportunity to make America into what America should be.

CONservatism is an illness; treatable with education and medication.

God loves the CONservitive but hates the CON.

End the Culture War!

End the Drug War!

End the Dubya Wars and bring our troops home; all our troops home.

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