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Tuesday Leaks

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on July 27, 2010

Tuesday Leaks

After the Cocaine Cowboy and Vampire Cheney’s “diplomacy” created 9/11/01 the world was sympathetic toward the American people and our Corporate Fascist Government exacted revenge against the peoples least able to defend themselves in Afghanistan although there were no credible links to Afghanistan other than George H W Bush’s building the Taliban and AlQeada in his megalomanical covert “war” against the USSR on the ground in Afghanistan through his CIA.

The reports from the Guardian UK on the newest Wikileaks military documents is a graphic example of failure of command; failure of leadership; failure of responsibility creating the failure of a war that was never intended to be won.

I support our President and our Troops but this is one more graphic example of the Dubya/Cheney Neo-Con Fraud of these wars.
Rolling Stone outs McCrystal; the lies and propaganda become exposed; guarding Opium Poppies for the Oligarchy’s Heroin Trafficking and the War Profiteering of the greedy Corporate Fascists and Military Contractors is exposed and the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc and insaniTea with Faux Spews will work diligently to spin this to an Obama failure.
Wikileaks is a service to America and that the Guardian UK breaks this kind of news is a real wake-up call for Americans.
We cannot trust our 4th estate to deliver the truth.
What America and NATO have accomplished is a construction boom in Dubia.
What America and NATO have accomplished is sucking the prosperity out of America.
What America and NATO have accomplished is the biggest fraud against humanity in history.
What America and NATO are is tools for the FED and European Central Bankers and the War Profiteers.
What America and NATO face now is the coming Economic War from China as a result of the Bush/Cheney and Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc lies and mortgaging the USA to China to support the largest transfer of wealth in history from the people to the Oligarchy.

From South America:  Chavez threatens Oil trade:

Dubya and Chevez are twins separated at birth. If one remembers this accurate analogy then the rabid spewing from Chavez is very understandable.
The reality that the US manipulated the 2002 Coup attempt by Hugo Llorenz (who is now the Ambassador to Honduras in support of the Lobo Coup of Zelaya) didn’t ignite an oil war is a minor miracle. The insult to Venezuelans that this Oligarchy in Honduras is a US puppet and has the Cuban Prince Llorenz installed only continues to inflame.
The United States is a Terrorist Nation. When one looks at the history of Central and South America the US manipulation from Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua and the Contra War funded with CIA crack cocaine trafficking into South Central Los Angeles and the lie of the Drug Wars makes US Terrorism transparent.
Gary Webb, a Mercury News reporter was murdered by the USA because he exposed this. The Narco News has Gary’s original website here:
Look at what the USA did in Panama with El Pina. When he threatened to expose the FED and the World Banking Community in their activites in the Drug Trade Daddy Bush took him out; locked him up and threw away the key and now we’re sending him to France where the Rothschilds can take care of him in his old age.
This is not “conspiracy” but fact.
Guarding Opium Poppies now makes sense…

Here is a very worthwhile link and video to watch on American Terrorism:

In a powerful and revealing book Joshua Phillips of “What Killed Sergeant Gray” fame from the 2008 American Radio Works Documentary reveals how America is complicit and fundamentally changed by the War Criminals and Torture of Prisoners.  We are all guilty and complicit until the actual criminals are brought to justice and bringing them to justice; ending the practices is the only healing step possible.  Phillips’s book is titled None of Us Were Like This Before: American Soldiers and Torture.


To add insult to real injury the “Pay Czar” endorsed the bonuses and the continuing Wall Street Gambling Parlors and Bankster’s greed.

The Bankster and Wall Street Gambling parlor that caused the collapse contiinues and this Corporate Fascist shill, Feinberg, was never intended to deliver anything resembling justice or fair market return on investment for the American Citizens robbed of wealth, prosperity and economic opportunity. That is the crime of History; in one fell swoop the Oligarchy sucked prosperity from the world’s population hitting the ones least able to afford any loss the hardest.
“Equal Justice Under The Law” is dead as a doornail and the coffin danced upon by Feinberg’s endorsement of grand theft global, treason and the treachery of the FED fraud on America.

As of Friday I am certified homeless, one of the statistics of America of the Corporate Fascists.  I’ll work to keep posting but this may be spotty for the next however long it takes to build life back after Grand Theft Global.

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