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Moving On

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on August 18, 2010

Moving On

The great news is that the physical move that’s consumed my last week is nearly complete and I’m getting settled into the new place.  Moving twice in one year is not an experience I want to repeat.

On to business:

A solution:

We the people have a real and present danger confronting us because of the FED, the Banksters and the Wall Street fraud and gambling parlors.

We the people have sustained the socialized loss while the Banksters and Wall Street have pocketed the profits in this manipulated collapse in the Heist of History created by Greenspan, Rubens, Paulson, Bernanke and Geithner with Blankenfein and Diamon being the trigger men.  $4.6 Trillion in actual theft from the American people.

We the people have an opportunity to do what our purchased politicians haven’t dared do in busting the balls of the Banksters and Wall Street with the issues of Fannie & Freddie and the Federal Home Association before us now.

Were Americans to demand that Fannie & Freddie be rolled up into the American Home Mortgage Bank for US Citizens primary home loans we would rip this business from the hands of the Banksters leaving them second homes and commercial mortgage business to play with.

We, the people, own $160 Billion of Fannie & Freddie now.  The leap to US Citizen’s ownership of these institutions is not great and would, in effect become a competing resource to the Banksters.  This is a good thing.

The clear intent of creating the American Home Mortgage Bank is to end the FED once and for all time and get rid of the European Central Banking system that is intent on enslaving all of us to debt.

We the people fund this American Mortgage Bank and there are a number of ways we could accomplish this.  The first is to provide liquidity to this American Home Mortgage Bank with the $4.3 Trillion in the Social Security Trust Fund with each US Citizen having their individual Social Security Account representative of their shares in this Bank, paying dividends and interest on the individual accounts.  Now, I’m not proposing putting Social Security at risk here with a full privatization but I am proposing that every American who is 30 or older have the ability to borrow against their Social Security Savings to collateralize home down-payment or small business start-up.  This provides economic stimulus to Main Street directly and nearly immediately.

Second; the immediate re-finance of those most at risk in process of foreclosure and then “underwater” mortgages.  By forcing “short-sale” of the property in re-finance the real criminals, the Banksters, take the hit for the losses they created and Main Street begins to recover what’s been stolen from them by purchased politicians and the Heist of History.

Third; End the FED.  Take any and all US Government business from the FED and leave them hanging to twist in the wind.  Move the control of the Currency into the American Home Mortgage Bank, the collection and distribution of taxes and the business of the American People into this resource.  The control of Currency is supposed to be the job of Congress and they’ve just pandered to the FED because they are purchased by the Banksters and Wall STreet frauds.

To achieve this goal of a truly independent of European Central Banking and the FED Bankster’s Cartel we must put in place strong administration of this American Home Mortgage Bank.

Dr William Black and Elizabeth Warren come to mind as two very highly qualified and skilled individuals to help install administration of this new American resource.  A 9 member Board of Directors with 1 representative from the Congress, 1 from the Senate, 1 from the Judicial, 1 from the Administrative branches of government with the remaining 5 seats being US Citizen occupied completes a Board that is truly representative of the people.

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  1. chamblee54 said, on August 18, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    I only drop in every once in a while, so i missed this story. Where are you now?

  2. activecitizen54 said, on August 18, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    Still in Central Florida but the house I was in is infested with Termites and I’m outta there.

    Have a place in a gated community with a friend and it’s starting to get settled. I’m too old for this moving every 6 months. Hopefully I’ve planted roots for a while now.

    Brazil was wonderful, Honduras strange and northern Mexico a very different place than I remember.

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