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A New World Order

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on September 6, 2010

A New World Order:

I’m no conspiracy theorist, could care less about “being discreditable” because that happened a long, long time ago in the union of genetic material from my parents.  I’m human and learn from my mistakes.

Very unlike the Corporate Fascists.

It’s, quite honestly, disheartening to see, to know and to fundamentally understand from personal experience the truth of Aaron Russo’s passionate confession.

The vilified Left-wing, the Progressives, desire Liberty and Justice for all.

The vilified Right-wing, the Conservatives, desire Theocracy, Sharia Law, Papal Edicts, Protestant Imams…  The American Talibangelists.

The idolized Centrist plays both ends against the middle in a divine sophistry where “Humans are known by what they have instead of what they do” to quote President Jimmy Carter.

The over-all effect is that this “dumbed-down” culture moved by mass media’s filters and bias is a real twisted vampire squid preying upon the mindless Middle Class while pandering to the Oligarchy.  Launched in the 19 hundreds we are seeing the fruition of the corruption of America; right on the Oligarchy’s plan.

America was the “Wild Card” and we’ve surrendered generations ago.  The last real challenge was Woodstock, Kent State or the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

The Internet is soon to be a completely controlled device of propaganda with the FCC and Verizon/Google playing throttling games already.  Google accepted China’s control and don’t think that the United States is any more free and open a society as China currently.  The unified global Oligarchy finds this status quo to be very profitable for them while oppressing opportunity, cultural growth, human development.

The warm death that exists now with Larry Summers building in the United States the same kind of Oligarchy that was established in Russia after the break-up that was the rape of the USSR just as the Banksters and Wall Street Embezzlers have worked on breaking up the USA.  Communism and the cold war has given way to a completely controlled society in Russia and their former States just as Liberty and Justice for all has died in the United State as we move ever closer to the completion of the Gestapo State.

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  1. Ramon Klein said, on January 19, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    We have all heard about the New World Order ?

    But who was the first person to say the words New World Order in public ?

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