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History Re-Written

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on September 7, 2010

History Re-Written

And this too

Then there is the kiss-off from Dubya /Darth Cheney’s final fuck-you to the Americans:

The FED, the most diabolically corrupt and morally bankrupt zombie institution on the face of this Earth is worthy of absolute, total and complete destruction.  The root of all evil, the foundation of the Corporate State of perpetual War of Orwellian Nightmare control of the population and Government from the Oligarchy; clearly identified as enemy to the State through these very actions and construction of financial weapons of mass destruction with global tendrils like a giant sucking Vampire Squid; a malevolent infection in an otherwise healthy body; a Corporate collective entity of contagious corruption spread like some Ebolia virus plague among the upper 5%.

The opening shots of the Class War?

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