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Weekend Warrior

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on October 30, 2010

Weekend Warrior

I remember too.

Here’s the bottom line reality:

The Banksters fraud and embezzlement has already enriched them by $535 Billion from the socialization of the loss with privatization of the profit.
The underwriting Control Fraud is perpetrated by the Bankster primarily.
Forcing these greedy thieves to do what is standard business practice makes sense.

The Goldman Sachs White House of Bush-Lite could care less

A Solution:

Roll Fannie & Freddie up into the American Home Mortgage Bank, Citizen owned and operated, paying dividends to the Citizens and use this resource to address the most at-risk mortgages first for primary home ownership (none of the flippers or investment properties from speculators).

Let Bankruptcy Judges force the cram-down of the mortgage to current market value less the documented homeowner equity prior to the crash (guarantee the homeowner’s down-payment equity and payment equity without the inflated penalties from the Banksters) and write the new mortgage at 3 to 5% fixed rate.

How many times are the good people on Main Street expected to pay these greedy thieves?

We paid in TARP.

We paid in “at par” AIG pay off.

We paid in Fannie & Freddie guarantees.

We paid in FMHA loan guarantees.

We paid in HAMP.

Now the greedy thieves, the Bankster frauds and embezzlers are taking the properties illegally and selling them or sitting on them in hope of another return on this Ponzi scheme “investment” that they neither made honestly nor bundled legally into weapons of financial mass destruction.

Dubya & Cheney’s dismantling of FBI oversight of Banking & Investments kicked-off the Heist of History.  Blankenfein’s “Doing God’s Work.” Was the Trigger.  Timmy Geithner the cashier paying off “at par.”  Socialize the loss and privatize the profit made Main Street the ultimate victim.

Where was Government?

At the helm of the Heist of History from the Halliburton White House through today’s Goldman Sachs White House of Bush-Lite.

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