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Missionaries of Hate

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on October 31, 2010

Missionaries of Hate

This is what the Missionaries of Hate look like in all their bigoted glory.

This Tony Perkins is co-founder of this “Family Research Council” that is identified as a “hate-group” right up there with Fred Phelps in the Cults of Jesus Inc stature.  The other co-founder is George Alan Rekers of “And the Rent-Boy” fame.  Self-identify homophobe much Tony baby?

This is how they kill our youth; the real casualties in this “Culture War” declared on America.

The Institutionalized discrimination in DADT & DOMA inflame the bigotry and hate-mongering from the Cults of Jesus Inc’s missionaries of hate helping to clearly define these Cults of Jesus hate crimes.

The existence of NOM’s $150 million pogrom of lies, fear and hate-mongering from the Catholics coupled with a Bishop who sends out 45,000 DVDs of Catholic “hate the Gays” diatribe and NOM’s summer hate tour, speaks eloquently to the philosophies of hate.

The Family Research Council’s own effete Tony Perkins, is a well-spring of animus and pure, unadulterated hate too long recognized as “expert” with zero credentials and as offensive as George Alan Rekers $120,000.00 paid testimony against LGBTQ adoption while hiring a Rent-Boy long-stroking luggage handler, a co-founder of this group.

Porno Pete LaBarbera’s summer hate school from his Chicago basement preaching “Hate Teh Gay” with discredited lies and fraudulent “research” as a cover for titillation treatment of hate speaks volumes to the instability and incredulity of these kinds of hate-mongering Cults of Jesus Inc groups.  Hate founded on self-identification is a strong motivator.

the American Family Association’s bigoted petty howls defines them as hate-groups par excellance’ who couldn’t become informed if their very lives depended upon it because they can’t move past their bigotry.  Hate the Gays, hate women and hate America is what this Orwellian group-think and double speak anti-feminists howl.

The LDS/Mormon’s ranting Profit (every pun intended) bemoaning a God-Given attribute of human sexuality all aid and are implicit with these murders.  Magic underpants don’t eliminate the crime.

These are not “suicides” but murder by intolerance, murder by lies, fear and hate-mongering and all lay squarely on the shoulders of the Missionaries of Hate that the Cults of Jesus Inc create.

I know about this Bully thing from experience in the public school systems in the 60s and 70s when teachers and school officials believed that “bullying will just toughen one up.”  I know the hate from having it directed toward me, toward my children and peers for a lifetime and there are no redeeming qualities from any of the Cults of Jesus Inc lies, fear and hate-mongering ever.

Ted Haggart, wide-stance politicians, Bishop Long, the Catholic international ring of pedophiles, the LDS/Mormon diatribes, the Evangelical “Kill the Gays” position from Uganda is alive and well in the United States and these are the murderers of your children; all while screaming about “rights to life.”

The reality is that the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc, the Muslim murder of Gays are all the same.  These are the Taliban and they don’t cut the noses off young women; they murder young LGBTQ children to feel just a little morally superior while being pure agents of evil.

These zealots and bigots populate our Government too with DeMented, Cornyn, Sessions and the ever evangelical Inhofe on his wet-dream mission from the C-Street boys club in the “Kill The Gays” legislation in Uganda proposed, endorsed and pushed by these Theocrats.

“Love the fetus but hate the child” is the clear position of these missionaries of hate.

How does who I love effect your life?

How does who I partner with to live my life effect anyone else at all?

How does loving someone make one target for hate?

The Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc employ the same tactic repeatedly in:

Deny: “Our positions, our voicing those opinions didn’t kill these children.” Denial and self-identified perpetual victim status insured.

Degridation: “These chlldren recognized the shame and sin and took their own lives.” The Cults of Jesus Inc deny the responsibility of their own words and deeds of hate in these acts.

Damnation: “These sinful LGBTQs, Teh Gays agenda is destroy the world.  They are the problem.”

Repeat as often as possible.

The 4 Steps to kill a kid from the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc Lies, Fear and Hate-Mongering Missionaries of Hate endorsed from Tabloid TV to the hallowed halls of Capital Hill and spread globally through the Missionaries of Hate.

Read more at: Jim Burroway has an excellent piece on “How To Kill A Kid.”

More from Selected Rants:

Our Founding Father, General George Washington’s Chief Training Officer, Von Steuben; the man who wrote the Standard Military Training Manual utilized by the French and the USA for 100 years was A GAY MAN.

This prohibition of Gays in the Military is the continuation of the McCarthyism of the 1940s and 1950s and is inflamed by the Cults of Jesus Inc’s Evangelicals who require an “Other” to vilify and demonize to provide themselves any credibility. When the Black Man in America went away as the object to be feared then the less visible “Homosexual” was attacked with the mistaken assumption from these fearful fundamentalists that we would never strike back.

We of the LGBTQ Community have news for the Catholic, Evangelical, LDS/Mormon and Baptists that they are exposed as the liars, fear-mongers and Missionaries of Hate that they elected to become in direct opposition to Jesus Christ’s doctrine of love and acceptance. These Charlatans, these Cults of Jesus Inc are a divisive and obnoxious segment of society who must have an “Other” to bully in order to maintain their perception of just a little bit morally superior when there is nothing morally superior or Christian in their vile diatribes and actions denying the Civil Rights and human rights of others.

Judge Jim Gray says it all and says it best:

“The Government has as much of a right to control what I, as an adult, put into my body as they do what I put into my mind. It’s none of their business.” Judge Jim Gray.

The obscene human cost, the more obscene financial cost and the loss of liberty in the United States from this failed hypocritical prohibition is disgusting.

While Nancy Reagan was spewing her “Just say no” campaign President Ronal Reagan was building the Crack Cocaine Epidemic in South Central Los Angeles with Oliver North to fund the illegal Contra war in Nicaragua.

While children and young adults are criminalized by a corrupt police and judicial system the Government is guarding Opium Poppies for the Oligarchy in AfPak.

With the collapse of the global banking cartels the only funding available was their dependence upon laundering Drug Money and they have a vested interest in keep these substances illegal to support their black markets.

End the insanity.

End the war on all our civil liberties and on our children.

End the war on drugs.

And for one last moment of crazy:

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