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Monday, Monday

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on November 8, 2010

Monday, Monday

How wonderful for America.

And this is what the voting public accomplished?

If you continue on this path you will out of power.  This premise of the voting public staying home may have some merit.  President Obama was working the youth and minority votes.

What is a solution?

For this President to return from his South Pacific trip and address the nation with some real news of rock solid demand for US goods and services.

For this President to just sit down to a real fireside chat with the nation about just what the real conditions are and exactly who is responsible and then a path to solving it.

For this President to make move now to begin draw-down and fight smart to get us out now.  Stop the bleeding.

There is a deep sense of betrayal from the voting public from what we’ve seen of the Larry Summers/Rham Emmanuel White House.

For me the biggest disappointments are failure to address campaign finance reform, the loss of the Public Option with the appearance of back room dealing and the exclusive (arguably required thanks to the Shrub dynasty) Wall Street and Banksters guilded age focus.

Eisenhower would have ordered the Military to take down the ban on Gays in the Military and called the war profiteers out.

Nixon would’ve had the US Chamber of Commerce and KKKarl Rove in handcuffs for campaign finance in a skinny minute.

President Obama has jumped too high in the wrong direction on one too many occasions and the American people are tired of taking the pain.

There is an interesting piece from Glen Greenwald here.

I’m not to the point of Obama bashing by any stretch of the imagination but I’m getting close.

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