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Family Research Council Owned

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Family Research Council Owned:

The Missionaries of Hate exposed.


George Carlin’s Wisdom from 1992

It’s just never going to be over till we are all done.

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It’s just never going to be over till we are all done.

The Holidays with Daughter Timmy & Roger have been a strange experience in what working Americans, the 99ers, and now more impoverished than ever Homeless and subsitence only survivors of this Depression.  In dealing with recently diagnosed Diabetes and a couple of Cardiac issues this past year has provided some rather strange twists in life and concsciousness.

There aren’t as many Christmas Lights strung about this year as last and from a decade’s ago memory only a smattering are providing bonuses to the Electric Company.

Food stamps are not a guarantee of abolition of hunger in America.

The Kabuki plays on in Washington, DC as America’s Main Street braces for the abject poverty coming with pay-check-to-pay-check living ending on Wednesday and the next check arrives 3 days later on Friday.  That is if one is lucky enough to be employed, has finances enough to ride out this storm with everything the US People are suckered into now.

Would we have peace on Earth?

The Corporate Fascists are getting fatter on the war profiteering.  They have a Mercenary Military now that began on US Soil and continue to use the US Military to their profit as we face the prosperity vacuum of $2 Billion a week in AfPak (It’s two wars; yes Two Wars in ONE!)

Somalia, Yemen and the Spooks doing God only knows what in the name of the USA and kept secret from we who pay for it when others profit.  You know that the God-Almighty Profit drives these Ferenge merchants of death and destruction.

Still from somewhere deep inside and perhaps more so because of the current conditions in America the NOT Free the “Christmas Spirit” erupts with ease.  We celebrate the America Family Norman Rockwell style from Ozzie & Harriet pretenses and move through the experiences of tradition.  The kitchen, that individual experience of the American “land of plenty” celebrated and pig-skins kicked about for male bonding while the women tend to their chores.  The extended family comes together for a brief peace.

Alvin McEwen over at his blog:

Alvin always has something worthy of reading but this one is clear and concise.

Thank you Alvin.

Hump Day Hubris

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Hump Day Hubris

The Christ-O-Fascists are hard at their War on Christmas and in this season of “Good will towards men” this is a disgusting presentation from the Missionaries of Hate.


From Rethink Afghanistan the truth of why Wikileaks is valuable and the apparent lack of outrage from the American people:

Where are the demonstrations against this vile and repugnant, criminal action from the United States Government?

Sedated Sunday

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Sedated Sunday

A month later and I’m still sedated after the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA took the House back.  Control of the House of Commons is now GOTP but the Senate House of Lords is still Democrat.  Gridlock..

It’s amazing what a couple of Flexaril, a valium or three and a nice tangerine stinger doubled up on the vodka does for a Sunday morning.  Twist up a joint and the wake and bake exit to the weekend is upon us now.  Alas, those days are behind me with the diabetes taking control.  Now it’s “only 2 cups of coffee a day” and enough veggies to make me think I’ve gone vegan on a graze-fest across the garden.  Of course the garden is a God-send with cabbage, brussels sprouts, carrots, irish potatoes, 7 kinds of lettuce, spinach, bok choi and yard-long asparagus beans galore.  The tomatoes are waiting to be processed into fresh salsa and then frozen as sauce base.

I couldn’t be happier that Apple took down the Manhattan Project app.

Now if we of the LGBTQ Community adopt the strong position of speaking out and speaking up against the newly named hate-groups of The Family Research Council with their Tony Perkins chief liar.  We all must call out these Missionaries of Hate by addressing the lies they’ve promoted.

Alvin at Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters says it all:

I suppose a good rant is in order but I’m going to focus on a beef pot-pie from the left-over sirloin tip roast of yesterday’s dinner.  The stomach will win out.

Fascist America

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Fascist America

Sincalair Lewis quipped in 1938: “When Fascism arrives in America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”

And from Naomi Wolf writing in The Guardian UK:

The Halliburton White House of Dubya and the Wrecking Crew was purchased for $4.2 Trillion into the Banksters and Wall Street Greedy Embezzlers hands for the Goldman-Sachs White House of Bush Lite with de-facto pardons in “Looking forward, not back” and “Turning the page” in the criminal charges due.

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Bernie Sanders

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Bernie Sanders

America’s only registered socialist speaks the truth.  Bernie drives home the reality of the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA in the destruction of America as we’ve known it.  Mr Sander’s disgust is real, justified and borders on pure outrage at the give-away to the rich.

Rachel Maddow keeps hammering this point home and our President Obama appears to be more Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc than Progressive Democrat.