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Sunday Sedition

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on January 2, 2011

Sunday Sedition

I hate to say this but this is one Faux Spews show I tend to agree with because of their understanding of the Hate-Groups profiled.

And just because the Christ-O-Fascists from PropH8 are still out there being the Missionaries of Hate this news just in from California graphically defines their lies and hypocrisy on Joe.My.God.

Pastor Tom Daniels the homophobe who vociferously declared all homosexuals are pedophiles is now exposed just as Bishop Long in Atlanta who also ranted and railed against the LGBTQ Community but really gets into strong handsome teenage boys.

America and Americans must wake up and get with the program if this once great nation is to be restored from what the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA have done to Main Street.

$2 Billion a week in the fraud of War in Af-Pak, the war so nice we’ve done it twice.

$2 Billion a week in the Bronze Age corrupt Karzi regime that has the Vice-President flying out of Kabul with $57 Million in US currency and fueling the building boom in Dubai.

$2 Billion a week with Americans going homeless, without employment, without food and the Corporate Fascists strangling wages and opportunity.

$2 Billion a week and all the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc focus upon is tearing down the Health Insurance reforms put in place by a Democratic Congress and Senate.

America, when will you stand up and fight for what’s right and good and real?

How many more of our sons and daughters must die before we say enough and leave these Bronze Age Barbarians to do each other in?

$2 Billion a week and we are no safer for having lost blood and treasure in Iraq or Af-Pak and the region is no more stable because of our acts.

$2 Billion a week and the 99ers are doing without.

The World’s Population is a new year long topic for National Geographic and I can’t wait for these reports.  I’m sure the head pedophile Pappa Ratzinger will have lots to say about birth control prohibition as the populations of the nations of earth begin to come to grips with the reality that we are over-populating our planet.

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