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Monday Mourning

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on January 10, 2011

Monday Mourning:

Today is a very sad day.  Something fundamental to America is teetering on the brink of complete collapse.

It’s a beautiful day here in Central Florida.  Chilly but comfortable; a Yankee Springtime kind of day.  Avery (Eclectus roratus roratus) is being a clown today and because I’ve been away much more than usual this week he insists on being on me, near me, with me like a typical 3 year old child experiencing separation anxiety.  Even the Bea bird is being affectionate today so I may escape without bloodied fingers today.

There is a new batch of fancy spinach, Baby Buttercrunch lettuce and standard Buttercrunch newly planted today.  The Green Ice, Romaine and Simpsons lettuce with baby spinach has become the salad of choice.  Grazing across the veggie patch is becoming a joy.

So back to my bitch-roll.

Somehow, someplace, Americans lost the best parts of themselves as humans in what once was a highly evolved social structure.

As a child in Upstate, NY in the 1960s the world was a pretty Ozzie and Harriet kind of place.  The farmhouse was never locked and everyone welcome from farm hands to the family from town getting on their feet with Republican politicians galore.  Earl and Beula (Parental Units) were staunch Republicans from whom I learned the values I hold dear today.

Today I feel rocked through my core as much as Kennedy’s assassination rocked me.  Something shifted within consciousness and a new, more terrifying paradigm struggles to emerge.

I’ve been terrified of the glaringly apparent Fascism that’s grown in America just as Sinclair Lewis described in: “When Fascism arrives in America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”

The Inhoffe, Grassley, C-Street Family in their 7 Mountains Mandate display abhorrent theocracy and bring threat to the very core principle of “Separation of Church and State” that this once great nation found to be a source of strength and inspiration.  Beula was the Director of Christian Education at our Church and I never, ever recall hate-full or vengeful preaching against our neighbors Jewish, Black, Baptist, Catholic, LGBTQ or Latino; humans are humans and we come in all kinds of flavors, colors and cultures.

I remember a couple of rousing Hell-Fire and Brimstone sermons that I was sure were delivered just for my edification.  I don’t recall having ever heard any real fear-mongering save the aforementioned.  That’s a primary reason for fleeing Atlanta at the earliest possible opportunity after hearing the fear-mongering, the rabid hate-mongering preached from the pulpits nearly universally from Tallahassee to the Mason-Dixon Line today.

The Ultra-Right Wing that is vocal today are the foundation of my “Missionaries of Hate” branding that sticks.

The world would be a much better place if everyone wore the logos of whatever flavor of hater, whatever Corporate Fascist Sponsor like NASCAR badges that define what they are and just avoid them.  I’ve seen and heard the Hippie-Punching once too often, thank you.

Over at the Huffington Post on an article about Gabrielle Gilford I posted this comment:

The flaws in fundamental values in America that began with Joe Wilson’s (R-SC) turrettes “You Lie” in the State of the Union address and led to this pre-mediated murder define the Missionaries of Hate.

For those of us who, like Gabrielle Gifford, look to find the best in others today is a very difficult day.

Is this the birth of Kevlar covered Purchased Politicians living in fear of their constituents?

Just as with the suicides of LGBTQ kids these Missionaries of Hate rush headlong into howls of denial.  No one heard “Second Amendment Remedies” from Angel.  The Tundra Tart didn’t put gun-sight cross-hairs on the map because of Ms Gilford.  “That didn’t happen.  We are not responsible.” will be the anthem of the week just as the Missionaries of Hate howled “The Job-Killing Bill” in their pogrom of lies last week.  “Don’t retreat; re-load” howls the Tundra Tart.

America, this atmosphere of divisiveness is created by the Corporate Fascists fully intending to incite turmoil to keep the focus off their underhanded purchased politicians.  Palin is a Koch Brothers Fascist shill who howls the loudest.  Boehner just owned by his golfing buddies.

Where has American “Can-Do” gone?

Where has the respect for the American Family gone as the Corporate Fascist pressure more productivity for less pay and force the 2 income family.

Where is “America First?”

The top 2% put only the America that lines their pockets first and those are soon moving to China and India where, in their contempt of America, they’ve moved manufacturing to obtain slave labor.

Where is Re-Build America?  Lost in the Af-Pak fiasco at $2 Billion a week while the Purchased Politicians howl about cutting granny’s Social Security.

Let’s put a year of that war into the USA and get us free.

Let’s end the insaniTEA of the War on Drugs and invest in America.

Let’s get focused on the good and maintain the best of Ms Gilford through our thoughts and prayers.



The American Taliban of fearful fundamentalist Missionaries of Hate live within a fear-based psychology and are unable to grasp a love-based philosophy in direct opposition to what their Christ taught.

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