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Sunday Sedition 3.0

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on January 16, 2011

Sunday Sedition 3.0

John Meloncamp hasn’t aged well but this was 2008.  A new Depression Era anthem to replace “Brother Can You Spare A Dime?”

Depression, economic and systemic is upon America in spite of the TARP, the “Stimulus” that all fed the greed and did absolutely nothing to restore Main Street from the rape by the Corporate Fascist psychopaths of the Super-Persons created by the Roberts Corporate Supreme Court.

The new depression meds work remarkably better than all that cash flowing into the hands of the greedy few while Main Street goes homeless, hungry and unemployed.  Food pantries are stripped, food stamps are the only way 99ers have food on the table or any chance of keeping a roof over their heads. We are 10% of the population and growing daily as the greedy few suck more and more of the life blood from America’s Main Streets.  Matt Taibbi’s “Vampire Squid” is realized and spreading with their global manipulations and divisive positions of the God Almighty Profit.

Our political process is purchased by the likes of Tokyo Rove and his Koch Brothers compatriots of InsaniTEA.

The Missionaries of Hate from the Catholic, Evangelical, LDS/Mormon, Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc have spewed vitriol and poison to the point of killing our kids in the vile diatribes of accusation & denial, discrediting, degradation and repeat in the Right-Wing echo chamber fed by Faux Spews fairly unbalanced narratives and propaganda.

I have pity for our President Barrack Obama because of the fishbowl the family lives within, the vile attacks directed toward him, the subversion and obstruction by the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their insaniTEA.

This is not America.  This is the Corporate Fascist’s perversion of what America is all about and they are surely as they’ve done in Central and South America are conducting a war on Democracy in the United States today.


The work front is something unusual but fun and I can’t beat the hours for me.  I’m working 3:00 PM till 10:00 PM so my daylight hours are in the garden and looking for work.  The battle goes on.

I’m settled into a regular pattern with the Diabetes being a very unwelcome visitor in life.  I’ve made it through being a 99er with the kindness of strangers and Daughter Timmy where I’ve sought refuge from the outside world rather monastically for a month now.  No more diamond rings or Mom’s silver but I’ve made it through.

The kids (my Eclectus Parrots) are settled in on the porch here with brief excursions out to garden with me to graze across the veggie patch.  With Roger’s labor preparing the spring veggie garden and the planter boxes out back (8, 4′ X 10′ X 12″ deep) getting slap full up of  Little Gem & Buttercrunch, Romaine & Simpson Supreme lettuce, 2 varieties of Spinach, Arugula, turnips, radishes and the Sweet Peppers pushing bloom the salads for the kitchen are insured for another 2 or 3 months.  Tomorrow is potato planting day with Russets and Kenibecks going in the ground.  The carrots, parsnips and salsify are sprouted with the last batch in the freezer at just past the baby carrot stage.  Having the garden is a God-send here with feeding the 3 of us.

Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think that I would be living with Timmy and Roger.  For temporary housing it’s a miracle but this is not a long-term solution.  I may stand a chance of recovering the G-4 and the diamonds from hock but time alone will tell at this point.  I need a $1,000 week and I’m working on that now.

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