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Terrorist Tuesday

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on January 18, 2011

Terrorist Tuesday

In a real enlightening article from the Daily Beast:

• Fannie and Freddie lost market share to Wall Street during the very time the mortgage market was spinning out of control. FHFA data shows Fannie and Freddie’s share of new mortgages fell from almost 55 percent in 2003 to less than 35 percent in 2006.

• The loans that Fannie and Freddie purchased had consistently better risk characteristics than loans backed by Wall Street. For example, roughly 5 percent of loans originated from 2001 to 2008 and acquired by Fannie and Freddie had “FICO” credit scores of less than 620, a figure often used as a cutoff for labeling borrowers as subprime. More than 30 percent of Wall Street-bankrolled loans in the same period had FICO scores under 620.

• In addition to buying loans directly, Fannie and Freddie also purchased mortgage-backed securities produced by Wall Street. From 2002 to 2007, Wall Street produced more than $3 trillion in securities backed by subprime mortgages and so-called Alt-A mortgages, another class of risky home loans. During that time, Fannie and Freddie purchased 23 percent of Wall Street securities underpinned by subprime and Alt-A loans, according to Inside Mortgage Finance.

The unending Faux Spews fairly unbalanced diatribes about Fannie & Freddie are exposed as the lies and fraud we all know even without a Pecora Investigation.  The white-wash delivered by the GOTP in their 13 page cover-up for their Wall Street patrons is disgusting.


This from the Faux Spews fairly unbalanced and one of the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA spewing the  deficit fear-mongering that is part and parcel of the scorched-earth economics of the GOTP since Dubya and the Wrecking Crew.

$2 Billion a week is what we Americans on Main Street are pissing away in the Af-Pak fiasco, the war so nice we’ve done it twice.

$2 Billion a week in this mess created by Daddy Shrub and the Dubya Wrecking Crew feeds the greed of the War Profiteers and built the mercenary army for the Corporate Fascists.

$2 Billion a week and we are no safer.

$2 Billion a week to feed the construction boom in Dubia.

$2 Billion a week would do miracles to nation build in the USA.

$2 Billion a week and the Corporate Fascists in Washington, DC get fat from the kick-backs.

$2 Billion a week and we are groped at the airport.

$2 Billion a week and these idiots in Congress can’t see where to start cutting the spending?

$2 Billion a week.

Follow this link:

The FED feeding the greed of the Oligarchy globally.

They’ve raped Central America, South America in their war on Democracy, found new homes in China and India and now the American sheeples are discarded and left to third world rot, decline and decay.  Like a festering fungus sapping all the prosperity out and into their hands through wars, economic and blood sport from bullets to Heroin to bucks the weapons don’t change.

Perhaps the most telling passage from the article is:

“This was a hostile world takeover orchestrated through economic attacks by a very small group of unelected global bankers. They paralyzed the system, then were given the power to recreate it according to their own desires. No free market, no democracy of any kind. All done in secrecy. In the process, they gave themselves all-time record-breaking bonuses and impoverished tens of millions of people – they have put into motion a system that will inevitably collapse again and utterly destroy the very existence of what is left of an economic middle class.

That is not hyperbole. That is what happened.

We are talking about trillions of dollars secretly pumped into global banks, handpicked by a small select group of bankers themselves. All for the benefit of those bankers, and at the expense of everyone else. People can’t even comprehend what that means and the severe consequences that it entails, which we have only just begun to experience.

Let me sum it up for you: The American Dream is O-V-E-R.

Welcome to the neo-feudal-fascist state.

Yes my Orwellian entrapped fellow passengers; Welcome to the neo-feudal-fascist state.

Another favorite:

“The Global Banking Cartel has now been so blatantly exposed, you cannot possibly get away with pretending that we live in a nation of law based on the Constitution. The jig is up.”

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