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Wasilla Whiner Wednesday

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on January 19, 2011

Wasilla Whiner Wednesday:

These Mental Midgets and professional Christ-O-Fascist victims by design are disgusting.  Sister Sarah is a liar and the author of the “Death Panels” lie.  They don’t have to sit down and shut up but they must recognize that there are other points of view other than the Christ-O-Fascist 7 Mountains Mandate.

“Common Sense Conservatives” too a $236 Billion surplus and turned it into a 12.6 Trillion deficit with Dubya and the Wrecking Crew and this Arctic Bimbo thinks that’s the right direction?  I want to puke.

Hannity and the Tundra Tart’s traveling road show of the Missionaries of Hate is echoed by the Brill-O and the Bimbos choir.  The Wasilla Shriller tried to spin this to “surveyors sights” but the real imagery is impossible to deny.  If this Tundra Tart’s lips are moving she’s lying and Hanity is right there with her aiding and abetting.

This lying, vile Christ-O-Fascist has no desire for “safety” and it’s not the message.  It’s the reality of their Theocracy and Koch Brother’s petrol-roots movement that is the problem and this demonstration of the liars lying to reinforce their twisted visions is obscene.

How evil is it to put Gun Sights on a Map?

How evil is it to incite violence with “don’t retreat; re-load?”

This vile Christ-O-Fascists and her Holy Repubican Cults of Jesus Inc’s Missionaries of Hate in all their InsaniTEA are the root of this vile act and they damned well know it from the denials that they voiced almost immediately upon the news of the horrific crime.

Scream about “Second Amendment Remedies” again oh bigoted Tea-Tards; please, Make my day…


Here’s an interesting piece from a psychologist:

The same is true in people.

So there is a cure for CONservatism.

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