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Full Moon Lunacy

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on January 20, 2011

Full Moon Lunacy

David Frum (and you have no idea how it pains me to say this) is right.

So the Tundra Tart is on a certified melt-down course because the American people see her Christ-O-Fascist perpetual victim in narcissism without the rose colored glasses.  A vile bigoted Missionary of Hate is all the the Tundra Tart is ever able to deliver.

I made my self-imposed noon deadline today by the skin of my teeth.  Life is getting funny again from the depths of the Depression.


And if this isn’t enough from the Robert’s corporate supreme court.

The Loon of Minnesota is up preaching her particularly twisted visions without substance in the House.

Michelle Bachmann wouldn’t know Socialism if it bit her in the ass.  This Theocrat is so far gone into her own little world that she makes absolutely no sense at all.  How is feeding the greed of the Corporate Insurance Fat Cats socialism?


And here is one more professional liar:

Why aren’t Dubya and the Wrecking Crew in prison?


I just have to share this with everyone from Joe.My.God this morning:

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