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Saturday InsaniTEA

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on January 21, 2011

Saturday InsaniTEA

This “Former Navy Chaplain” Christ-O-Fascist is an absolute lunatic.  This is the Missionary of Hate in the flesh.  With this lying twisted creature pushing his flavor of intellectual poison it is no small wonder that the US Military is so fucked-up.

Someone should really tell this insane Christ-O-Fascist that General George Washington’s Chief Training Officer, Von Steuben, was a GAY MAN.  There have always been Gays in the Military.  There have always been LGBTQ humans with God-Given Attributes of human sexuality that these Christ-O-Fascists deny and pervert to provide their Missionaries of Hate with fodder to kill our LBGTQ kids.


Here’s the clip from GlennBeckistan about “Shoot them in the head.”

This Missionary of Hate with the Magic Underpants is the very embodiment of the Tea-Tards as a Missionary of Hate.


This clip is a very accurate summation of the Christ-O-Fascism.

This speaker is dead on accurate in his summation of this question of “What Freedoms have you lost?”

This guy is clear and concise in his statements.

“No one removed your freedom to be assholes.”


Demonstrating this fact that “No one removed your freedom to be assholes:”

The vile leader of GlennBeckistan with all the Jabba the Rush Ditto-Heads and Tea-Tards frothing at the mouth is clearly demonstrated.

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