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The Missionaries Of Hate

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on January 30, 2011

The Missionaries Of Hate:

It is so tedious and tiring to confront these Missionaries of Hate who fail to grasp that basic American philosophy of “live and let live” to replace it with their Culture War and bigoted diatribes that then must be debunked to keep the Goebbles type propaganda being refuted.

Just listen to the fraud, revisionist history and the lies and then understand the fear they express in “others coming in from outside the State” is exactly what NOM in their hateful and lying ways are doing and exactly what this “pastor” from the Missionaries of Hate and their Cults of Jesus Inc is delivering from self-recognition.

I am just so damned over this with these Missionaries of Hate sticking their nose into every woman’s uterus and trying to live in all our bedrooms in their voyeuristic prurient invasions of the God-Given Attributes of human sexuality just as they railed and ranted from the pulpit about the dangers of the Black Man and then the Drink.  It’s absolutely obscene.

Do any of us ever tell them who to love? How to grow families?  How to live?

With the continuing deaths of children because the Missionaries of Hate’s pogroms against the LGBTQ Community in their “love the fetus” but discard the child philosophy in actions that I could just puke.  These creatures have no shame and no concept of the teaching of Jesus Christ whom they profess to represent.  Demonic and damnable to put it into terms they are able to comprehend.

I’m just over the bigotry, the hate and the lies.

More of the InsaniTEA from the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc:

Cenk does great in exposing this crap.

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