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Thursday Gray

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on February 3, 2011

Thursday Gray

Today, this morning, the Missionaries of Hate from the C-Street Family exposed in Jeff Sharett’s, The Family, holds the national prayer breakfast.  The attendance of our “Political leaders” in light of the David Kato murder is absolutely disgusting.  A freaking Yankee Snowstorm, birds falling from the sky kind of gray.  Suffocating.

The Phalaenopsis amiabilis has 30+ buds and the second bloom flew open today although like the first it will be a week or more before they are fully pumped up.  The cool and foggy mornings make them happy.

The garden is getting red potatoes put in, the bakers are already sprouted and growing in 3 rows and this will plant a block of 4 or 5 rows of red creamers.  A productive victory garden happening by design.  Wooo hoo.  We’re pulling the last of the green ice lettuce but the buttercrunch, ice box and romaine are still pumping with the spinach and arrugula.  The last of the green tomatoes are ripening in the shed and there’s a salsa party soon to be.

The peppers over-wintered so there will be early peppers in a month with this year’s crop of new tomatoes just getting their first sets of real leaves.  Roger is busy building the cucumber trellis out by where the English Peas, round 2, are just about 3-4″ tall.  There are collards and swiss chard greens with some turnip greens and roots coming along too.  May just make up a mixed batch of greens and consider it a spring tonic.

I’m in hog-heaven at the moment.  Avery is on my shoulder leering at the Cinnamon/Nutmeg Bisquick coffee cake smothered with fresh strawberries.  Just what a diabetic needs for breakfast…

My guilty secrets are breaking out again.  It’s a day off and I’m just not beating myself up over homemade goodies and fresh strawberries.  I’ll do penance for my “sin” this afternoon.  Tonight is a pulled-pork barbecue  sandwich with coleslaw and american cheese.  Just what the arteries need.  At this rate I’ll be grazing on bacon by noon…

Farm-life.  Americans deserve an agrinomic local base just to maintain sanity.  The Corporate grind is just not my style.

The veggie patch is a saving grace in life today and it only becomes more important each and every day that passes.

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