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Hump Day Happiness 2.1

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on February 23, 2011

Hump Day Happiness 2.1

I want to break free is a great day off anthem.

There are a Baker’s Dozen Phalaenopsis blooms dancing about in the tropic breeze this morning on the porch. Raspberry striped, pink shilleriana, amiablis and the Golden Buddha doing it’s orgasmic show with multiple branching bloom spikes.

Happy before the pill kicked in.  Wooo Hooo!  Day off.

Three kinds of beans, corn and my semperviviums have all poked their smiling little faces out of the ground today.  The warm is making things jump and keeping up the water for the next week of dry is a challenge but it’s going to be done.

I have a wonderful collection of Addenium obesum growing now with another 6 plants propagated from my favorite blood red colored one.  The seedlings are going to bloom for the first time this year so I’m excited and looking forward to some fun variations.  You know I’ll sell the ones I’m not really happy with and just buy some more seedlings to push.

Roger is out planting marigolds, zinnias and echinacea at the front of the vegetable garden.  I have a flat of seedlings started on the full moon for me.  Nitch Marketing on the way.  Herbs, odd-ball and blooming perennials are all wonderful sources of income.  Cut flowers and produce works to keep Roger in cigarette money.

Keeping the garden producing $50 to $100 a week in fresh veggies I don’t have to buy and now having surplus to sell is fun too. The neighbors get fed, we get fed fresh produce and the joy of gardening begins anew each spring.

The Holyhocks are screaming out of the ground, did I tell you the sempervivium are up too?  I love common house leeks or hen-and-chicks and remember seeing them planted roof-top in Germany.  A fun use of a rugged plant.  Yes I have the vegetable Leek and the Elephant Garlic leek both growing now too.

The English Peas are a foot high after the freeze knocked out the last group in mid-January.  Collards, Swiss Chard and Spinach for weeks and months yet with 5 flavors of lettuce, Bok Choi, Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, carrots 5 flavors of potatoes (still waiting on my blue potato starts and the Yukon Gold with the Pink French Lady Finger being shipped soon.

The Strawberries may get one good bloom and crop of fruit before the heat does them in.  I’m trying an everbearing variety that did great in the cold northland so we’ll see what comes of these.  The Blueberry bushes are in full bloom with the citrus not far behind.  Spring in Central Florida.

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  1. chamblee54 said, on February 25, 2011 at 12:04 am

    When you grow your own food it nourishes you twice.

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