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There is great value in this truth from Pat Condell, one of my heros in today’s world of InsaniTEA, lies, fraud and manipulation.

The divisive Cults of Jesus Inc with their Missionaries of Hate are a scourge on humanity with their “Christian,” Cults of Jesus Inc acts playing out in Uganda with the murder of David Kato, the suicides of LGBTQ youth in America, the obscenity of NOM, The Family Research Council, Liberty Council and every howling Evangelical fraud.

The illness runs deep in these Missionaries of Hate and will not stop until Americans stand up and re-take their Constitutional rights to freedom from religion as well as freedom of religion.  If one must join a Cult to feel part of society then the fundamental flaw lays within the individual and not this society.


The Corey Boy and I did the look at another house routine again today and this looks like a real winner.  I’m stoked and ready to make the move now.  It will take a couple of weeks to get everything organized but I have faith and direction from within to make this happen now.  The reality is that next year this time I will be buying this home through a conventional mortgage and be a homeowner once again.

Being here with Daughter Timmy has been a real lifesaver and I’m eternally grateful to Tim for his loving support and compassion but I’m not ever in this life having anything to do with the schizophrenic Roger.  Once I’m free of this place the Roger is history and his antics will reward him with homelessness or being warehoused in an institution where he belongs.  My compassion is gone toward this leech and coward Roger who is unable to support himself now or ever.

I’ve donned the bright yellow tee shirt with the 6X8″ “Danger, Keep Back 200 Feet” sign in the center of my chest.  A more accurate description for the day couldn’t be found.

it’s a day off work for me and I’m grateful for the vision of the veggie patch and the perennial border consuming my view this morning.

This is day 2 of being without the blood pressure meds or the anti-depressants and I’m doing OK.  I’ll get the refills tomorrow first before I even think about groceries for this place.

The deal has been that I provide food for the house in exchange for housing and the realty of feeding the Roger is too high a cost to value received for me to withstand even one day longer so I’ll just leave the place on the starving side of mother Hubbards cupboard and be happy for being free.


A Day Off

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A Day Off

The Missionary of Hate Tony Perkins howls out the fundamentalist Christ-O-Fascist fraud and Fear-Mongering with this bigot who has no concept of Christian tolerance nor how truly blessed it was for not being exposed earlier in life.  The illness runs deep.

This vile and obscene Missionary of Hate is absolutely clueless as to what it says or does and this plays among the Fearful Fundamentalist Christ-O-Fascists like candy to a baby.

“I want to be gentile, caring and kind” to everyone but “Teh Homosexual.”

More of the reparative therapy of Christ-O-Fascists with their talking snakes and grand wizards in the clouds lies, fraud and exceptionalism of exemption from the 10 Commandments.

Good on the employer for getting this ill creature as far from humans in need as is humanly possible.  This one feeds her own delusions by “doing good” in her own special flavor of bigotry and display of hypocrisy.

God didn’t choose you!  Your foul bigotry and inability to do your job as a professional is what got your bigoted ass fired.

And the Christ-O-Fascist “PERPETUAL VICTIM” plays out all over again and again as Missionaries of Hate deliver this kind of propaganda and trope.

Whatever happened to:


Sounds like our Congress & Senate in action.

And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy then try this defense of marraige:

This is the real story according to court documents:

Walden’s employer, Computer Science Corp had a contract with the CDC to provide counselors. Walden was counseling a CDC employee who told her about the problems she was having with her relationship with another woman. The employee had gotten emotional because it was a very sensitive situation involving a child in the relationship and forgery in order to steal credit.

It was then that Walden informed the CDC employee that her religious beliefs precluded her from providing counsel. Walden then sought another counselor to handle the client’s referral.

Now even though the client was satisfied with the new counselor, she felt “judged and condemned” by Walden. She also felt that Walden’s body language – her nonverbal communication – indicated disapproval of her relationship.

After an investigation, Walden’s supervisor suggested another way she could refer clients to another counselor without mentioning her “personal values.” Walden was specifically asked if she could tell clients in seeking same-sex relationship advice that she didn’t have relationship counseling experience. Walden refused. Apparently Walden wanted to tell clients that her personal values precluded her from counseling them.

And this is the rest of the story via Pam’s House Blend:

  • The CDC later requested Walden’s removal from the contract.
  • With no other counseling positions available in the Atlanta area, CSC laid Walden off and noted that she would preserve her benefits if re-hired by CSC within a year.
  • Walden refused to pursue further employment with CSC, believing that the inclusion/diversity policies made it hostile toward Christians.

So Marcia Walden’s case is not about her being fired because of her Christian beliefs, but rather she handled duties. When people come in for counseling, it is generally a sensitive situation and they should not be made to feel like they have done anything wrong. Walden chose to express her beliefs in an unprofessional manner and was penalized for it.

Sunday On The Porch

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Sunday On The Porch

Good news or more subversive Christ-O-Fascism?

Does anyone really think that these US, Scott Lively liar inflamed, Missionaries of Hate are going to do anything other than drag this kind of bigotry back into the silence of a Scape-Goat, the “Other” to be feared?  Without the LGBTQ Community to rant and rave about these Missionary of Hate have nothing of value to add to the cultural discussion.

This is the C-Street Boys, Inhoffe and Grassley included, the Evangelical fear-mongers and hate-mongers handiwork of whole cloth lies and fabrication founded in the Christ-O-Fascism of the 7 Mountains Mandate and the failure to separate Church from State in action just as in Iran.

A tad boring, same old lies, same tactics, same hypocrisy.

Jim Burroway over at does an excellent job.


Here’s a fun piece of hypocrisy from the Newt:

And just listen to this pandering propagandist hypocrite:

This with “THE BRIAN FISHER” head Missionary of Hate, Fear-Monger in residence; “guiding light” for the Faux Spews fairly unbalanced Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA.

It can get loonier:

This is the crop of Flat-Earther mindless Sheeple Holy Republican  Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA destroying America.

There are several Hitler Speeches that are closely aligned with this kind of Theocratic vitriol.  Here is the opening of the Theocratic love to hate fest.

Complete with hiding behind and beneath the skirts of Faux Spews, the Koch-suckers express and his Baptists roots expose as pure Dominionist Missionary of Hate.

Present the evidence of your God, please?

And to which “God” were the Founding Fathers speaking about?

This is from Thomas Jefferson’s Letter to the Danbury Baptists and the Treaty of Tripoli:

Jefferson’s Letter to the Danbury Baptists:

“Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.” 1806

1797 Treaty of Tripoli:  “as the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion;”

For the Religious please read and understand:

All of these kinds of divisive issues are built from the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc’s in all their InsaniTEA’s need to be Drama Queens to distract from the real issues of how they are raping the United States Citizens on Main Street.

Roe v Wade is the law of the land.

It is none of this Government’s business what I put into or take out of my body, any more than it is any of their business what I put into my mind.

The clear desire for Control of the Uterus of Every-Woman with bar coding, a satellite chip and “Approved Use Only” smacking of eugenics and bigotry combine with open economic warfare and obscene government intrusion into human liberty and rights to privacy.

Here’s a reality check for you: Imagine for one moment that you are a college student who becomes pregnant without planning.  Regardless of rape, incest etc.

Who are you to decide that this human is saddled with the dramatic changes of body in pregnancy?

Who are you to howl about giving up the child for adoption?

Who are you to decide that this human is saddled with the outrageous costs of medical care for the pregnancy?

Who are you to decide what this woman may or may not do with her own body?

Who are you to tell this woman that she must spend the $125,000.00 to $150,000 cost of raising this child on top of the $250K to $400 K of student loans?

What’s next?

Kidney tissue registry and forced donation for transplant?

Clearly the best course of action in a free America is: GET YOUR NOSE OUT OF EVERY-WOMAN’S UTERUS.

The decision to have an abortion is the domain of the woman and her doctor.

Violation of this basic right to privacy is clearly the domain of  the Cults of Jesus Inc and their track records of pedophilia, thievery, embezzlement and fraud make the COJ Inc the richest institution on the face of the earth while controlling every bedroom of the faithful, fearful fundamentalists.

Maybe they would consider mortgage backing in America?

That’s as much a fraud as came from the Control Fraud Banksters and Wall Street embezzlers in this INSANE directive to counsel women as if they are some lower form of life and it is DISGUSTING!

Culture War Crap. What of the real issues?

Hump Day Happiness 3.22

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Hump Day Happiness 3.22

The best I’m able to muster at the moment is ambivalence.

This is going to take a tour of the garden to digest.

There are several positively reinforcing projects to mount today in the garden.  There are the last of the Holyhocks, Dahlias and Nasturtiums to plant out in the border.  The Zinnias in 5 flavors, Bells of Ireland, Nicotiana, Helitrope, Agastache rupenstris, Monardias and Asclepias in 5 flavors to get set out.  I may have a few cut flowers available.

President Obama’s spending of political capital in this way shows a great strength of character and what is only able to be defined as his Indonesian acceptance of all and respect for all.  Thank you for this demonstration that the Uber-Reich will spin as a call to arms within the diverse Muslim community.

The Culture War is now morphed into Spiritual War (Christ-O-Fascists Crusade).

The real blood, guts and gory, bang-bang, shoot ’em up, the Neo-CON wet dream of perpetual war plays on through the Middle East and this message from President Obama may be tactical but courageous in political terms.

Ambivalence Quotent:

This corporatist manipulation of message is the norm, founded in their fear of the masses and the global community with the Neo-CON terrorist foreign policy of Bush-Lite, King George as the Gulags play on.  When will America’s Main Street stand on their hind paws and bark loud enough to be heard?

The examples of the cost to President Obama for this clear statement are contained in this piece presented by BradBlog’s Earnest Canning:

The “reality” of the Missionaries of Hate from Dr Stanley:

Don’t you just love the absolute hypocrisy of the Cults of Jesus?  Freedom for me but not for thee without tithe.  There is hope with our neighbors to the north leading the way thanks to these Luddite Flat-Earthers, John Birch card-carrying missionaries of hate invited in by St Reagan of the South Los Angeles Crack Epidemic fame and VooDoo economics that are the Scorched-Earth pay-off delivered by Dubya and the Wrecking Crew.


Father Theresa, I got that all out in one breath!

The spirit of Julia Sugarbaker is strong within the Force today.

Terrorist Tuesday 3.12

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Terrorist Tuesday 3.22

Another amazing demonstration of the creatures from the Uber-Reich and their inability to discuss anything because of the “perpetual victim” position of death worship and their imaginary playmate in the sky.

Don’t confuse me with facts!  My mind is made up!  Belief UBER ALIES!




This Missionary of Hate, Victoria Jackson, wasn’t funny on SNL and has only become hysterically funny with her politics.  Just another Theocrat in pair of dykes. (Apologies to all my proud invisible Lesbian Sisters, you too Father Theresa.)

This Missionary of Hate, Bible-thumping, talking-points-mindless-parroting of fear-mongering through DENIAL, DISCREDIT & DEMONIZE while playing the “perpetual victim” in a “spiritual war,” all of their creation.  Of all the damned foolish oxymorons spewed by these mindless, amygdala brain-damaged CONservatives; this one takes the cake!

This carefully constructed Bimbo parody of a Stepford Wife gone Xanax & Steroid-Queen is the Loyal Opposition of the Progressive “Secular Humanist” Other that is now perpetually linked, within her mindless sheeple’s lizard-brains, that Gays (The LGBTQ Community) Muslims, Secular Socialists, the Liberal Media and AGENDA are all THE ENEMY in grand Christ-O-Fascist Dominion Over All bigotry in action.

Does Ms Victoria have her panties in a wad over the sight of two teens kissing?

As an open human I have some real objections of this “romantically” in heterosexual pattern stereo-typical portrayal of Gay or Questioning Teens but recognize the need for this display within the reality of awakening humanity to the all-encompassing nature of God’s Children and end this Culture War of the Christ-O-Fascist creation.

I can however thank Jim Burroway for this piece of genius in presenting the awakening.,015.htm

And this piece from Rob Tisinai on How To Kill A Kid:

I couldn’t be happier that “The Secular Socialist Media” provided this audience if only for comedic effect.

Culture War of whose creation?

This is what the Uber-Reich, the Cults of Jesus Inc’s Missionaries of Hate, create and in this instance the Bullied strikes back just for positive reinforcement of affirmative action.

Here is the Catholic Cults of Jesus Inc’s InsaniTEA of Saggy-baggy Margret Galligher and NOM:

Just in case anyone is in doubt of the Christ-O-Fascist Agenda here is a reminder of the cult of death worship’s vision through the veil of mythology of dichotomy.

After this Hell, Fire And Brimstone trip into the Theocrat’s world view; do you have any doubt of the depths of the InsaniTEA?

It is very important to remember the recent history and look at it in perspective as the TCCOJF (The Corporate Cults Of Jesus Fascists) spew their vitriol and hate founded in half-truth, outright lies and the ever-present Christ-O-Fascists’ righteous indignation.  As a card-carrying member of the “Other’s” camp I can assure you that this interacially “married” corpulent cow, like the Clarence Thomas “family” spews hate and vitriol behind the thinly veiled slur and demonize campaign of Fear-Mongering founded in erroneous personal belief or founded in their Bible matters not.  The United States Constitution is constructed to keep this kind of Christ-O-Fascist at bay.

No one seeks to limit the freedom of religion until it becomes Hate-Speech and these Southern Poverty Law Center identified Hate Groups are still gaining a national audience?  Disgusting in a nation founded on Separation of Church and State.

As disgusting as:

The C-Street Family of Doug Coe in their 7 Mountains Mandate of Dominion over all and support of the Kill the Gays Bill in Uganda with clearly identified liars and Missionaries of Hate.  Their housing subsidy being undeclared in the Congress & Senate is ruled to be “Ethical.”  So much for “Ethics” from the Cults of Jesus Inc or the Purchased Politician Sock Puppets.

The Faith-Based and Community Initiative from Dubya and the Wrecking Crew feeding these obscene political acts of the Cults of Jesus Inc’s Christ-O-Fascists black robed beauties who have their own form of Sharia law in practice today.  Follow your delusions but we in the reality-based community have other more pressing matters in the NOW.

Naomi Wolf has this to say on the topic through Prolefeed015:

I’m going to the garden.  Have a great day.

Terrorist Tuesday 3.1

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Terrorist Tuesday 3.1

With the unending InsaniTEA of the Neo-Cons, the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus inc and the Crusade to the East with natural catastrophe compounded with nuclear impending holocaust to the West and the Culture & Economic Wars here at home; I’m sure it’s difficult for Americans to pick a front to fight.

With blonde logic let’s start with the Culture War and a clear statement from the opposition:

The “God Shaking Japan” Christ-O-Fascist Youtube video isn’t worthy of display here ever but it is a valid statement of InsaniTEA from the Uber-Reich.  Poe’s law in action.

Now that I have a handle on my blood pressure again after doing the delightful chores of feeding Bea & Avery and watering the perennial patch, I’ll maintain center much better.  It’s still a couple of hours before work so I have a little window here to just get it out.

MOX-fuel and plutonium spewing out in a mushroom cloud leads only to the realization of just what type of monster the Energy Robber Barons turn to when Oil Addiction eradication is legislated.

My heart goes out to those surviving the Triple-whammy of 8+ Earthquake, Tsunami and now a nuclear holocaust to insure a couple more Peace Parks.

Having the garden helps these days.  The Taters are hilled and the mulch going on 6″at a time to keep them pushing, the spinach and little gem lettuce are about worked out but the second planting is coming in rapidly, the second planting of English Peas is a 4 feet tall white wall of blooms with pods forming from the last 2 times they’ve done this.  There is something gratifying about seeing a half-beaten back crop of Swiss Chard and Collards with cabbages, brussles sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and Bok Choi rapidly screaming out of the ground.  I’m getting hungry and may go murder another Lettuce and torture some Spinach for a lunch.

Rainy Days

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Rainy Days

This is from 7/16/09.

And from the Daily Bail Comedy:

And this just because I needed a giggle.

The rain this morning kept me lounging in bed till nearly 9:00 AM.  A rare occurence in my life.  I’m usually awake with the coffee pot brewing at 5:30 AM and out of bed by 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM now that I’m working the 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM shift.  A nice schedule to fuel a real nursery but I’m keeping my reservations on location.  The opportunity is upon me to find what I need to be a happy, healthy and successful single man.

The strawberries arrived via mail yesterday.  They repose in the bottom of the refrigerator on the top of my Bush Beer that I’ve been scaring for months now.  I think I’ve had 4 beers since the first of the year maybe 6.  The alcohol stopped ruling life with the departure of Mikey the Beer Sponge.  A saving grace, silver lining or whatever you want to view it as the net effect is positive and beneficial.

The Little Gem Butter Crunch lettuce is a true joy from the garden.  There is absolutely nothing better than murdering one of these lettuce and consuming the whole thing for lunch.  No remorse at all for the act.

Life consumes life.

Now if they were sentient beings I would have some reservations but having purchased the seed, planted the seed and tended the garden for the 8 weeks required to get these gorgeous tasty treats is the root of gratification and satisfaction.  Living well is always the best revenge.

It’s nearly lunch here, can you tell?

A little balsamic vinegarette some artichoke hearts, fresh pulled red onion a pickle and a few olives and I’m in hog heaven for hours.  I have some great dirty sweat sock white extra sharp cheddar that’s deadly too.  Maybe a little turkey and ham to do the protein thing because I’m out of my chick peas and sprouts.

Rick across the street is running a veggie stand with boiled peanuts so there is a market available.  Collards, Swiss Chard, Spinach (to die for, I’ve never seen prettier anyplace in the South) the Turnips are ready and this rain has everything pumped up.  The steam heat is coming on too.  I love the tropics.

The Bea Bird threw her last egg out of the box and is entertaining today with the whole repotoir from “Auntie Em! Auntie Em; there’s a twister coming.” t0: “Are you happy now?” in Dangerous Dan’s voice, through “Want OUT” followed by my evilist laughter. It is a rather joyous corner on the porch with Avery and Bea entertaining.

1:30 and the chores are finally done.  Swiss Chard, Collards, Turnips, a trudge full of Little Gem Butter Crunch Lettuce and Rick across the street is happy.  The pocket community here grazed off the garden gratis without question but the excess goes to market now.  Yeeeee Haw!