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Terrorist Tuesday 3.1

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on March 15, 2011

Terrorist Tuesday 3.1

With the unending InsaniTEA of the Neo-Cons, the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus inc and the Crusade to the East with natural catastrophe compounded with nuclear impending holocaust to the West and the Culture & Economic Wars here at home; I’m sure it’s difficult for Americans to pick a front to fight.

With blonde logic let’s start with the Culture War and a clear statement from the opposition:

The “God Shaking Japan” Christ-O-Fascist Youtube video isn’t worthy of display here ever but it is a valid statement of InsaniTEA from the Uber-Reich.  Poe’s law in action.

Now that I have a handle on my blood pressure again after doing the delightful chores of feeding Bea & Avery and watering the perennial patch, I’ll maintain center much better.  It’s still a couple of hours before work so I have a little window here to just get it out.

MOX-fuel and plutonium spewing out in a mushroom cloud leads only to the realization of just what type of monster the Energy Robber Barons turn to when Oil Addiction eradication is legislated.

My heart goes out to those surviving the Triple-whammy of 8+ Earthquake, Tsunami and now a nuclear holocaust to insure a couple more Peace Parks.

Having the garden helps these days.  The Taters are hilled and the mulch going on 6″at a time to keep them pushing, the spinach and little gem lettuce are about worked out but the second planting is coming in rapidly, the second planting of English Peas is a 4 feet tall white wall of blooms with pods forming from the last 2 times they’ve done this.  There is something gratifying about seeing a half-beaten back crop of Swiss Chard and Collards with cabbages, brussles sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and Bok Choi rapidly screaming out of the ground.  I’m getting hungry and may go murder another Lettuce and torture some Spinach for a lunch.

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