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Terrorist Tuesday 3.12

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on March 22, 2011

Terrorist Tuesday 3.22

Another amazing demonstration of the creatures from the Uber-Reich and their inability to discuss anything because of the “perpetual victim” position of death worship and their imaginary playmate in the sky.

Don’t confuse me with facts!  My mind is made up!  Belief UBER ALIES!




This Missionary of Hate, Victoria Jackson, wasn’t funny on SNL and has only become hysterically funny with her politics.  Just another Theocrat in pair of dykes. (Apologies to all my proud invisible Lesbian Sisters, you too Father Theresa.)

This Missionary of Hate, Bible-thumping, talking-points-mindless-parroting of fear-mongering through DENIAL, DISCREDIT & DEMONIZE while playing the “perpetual victim” in a “spiritual war,” all of their creation.  Of all the damned foolish oxymorons spewed by these mindless, amygdala brain-damaged CONservatives; this one takes the cake!

This carefully constructed Bimbo parody of a Stepford Wife gone Xanax & Steroid-Queen is the Loyal Opposition of the Progressive “Secular Humanist” Other that is now perpetually linked, within her mindless sheeple’s lizard-brains, that Gays (The LGBTQ Community) Muslims, Secular Socialists, the Liberal Media and AGENDA are all THE ENEMY in grand Christ-O-Fascist Dominion Over All bigotry in action.

Does Ms Victoria have her panties in a wad over the sight of two teens kissing?

As an open human I have some real objections of this “romantically” in heterosexual pattern stereo-typical portrayal of Gay or Questioning Teens but recognize the need for this display within the reality of awakening humanity to the all-encompassing nature of God’s Children and end this Culture War of the Christ-O-Fascist creation.

I can however thank Jim Burroway for this piece of genius in presenting the awakening.,015.htm

And this piece from Rob Tisinai on How To Kill A Kid:

I couldn’t be happier that “The Secular Socialist Media” provided this audience if only for comedic effect.

Culture War of whose creation?

This is what the Uber-Reich, the Cults of Jesus Inc’s Missionaries of Hate, create and in this instance the Bullied strikes back just for positive reinforcement of affirmative action.

Here is the Catholic Cults of Jesus Inc’s InsaniTEA of Saggy-baggy Margret Galligher and NOM:

Just in case anyone is in doubt of the Christ-O-Fascist Agenda here is a reminder of the cult of death worship’s vision through the veil of mythology of dichotomy.

After this Hell, Fire And Brimstone trip into the Theocrat’s world view; do you have any doubt of the depths of the InsaniTEA?

It is very important to remember the recent history and look at it in perspective as the TCCOJF (The Corporate Cults Of Jesus Fascists) spew their vitriol and hate founded in half-truth, outright lies and the ever-present Christ-O-Fascists’ righteous indignation.  As a card-carrying member of the “Other’s” camp I can assure you that this interacially “married” corpulent cow, like the Clarence Thomas “family” spews hate and vitriol behind the thinly veiled slur and demonize campaign of Fear-Mongering founded in erroneous personal belief or founded in their Bible matters not.  The United States Constitution is constructed to keep this kind of Christ-O-Fascist at bay.

No one seeks to limit the freedom of religion until it becomes Hate-Speech and these Southern Poverty Law Center identified Hate Groups are still gaining a national audience?  Disgusting in a nation founded on Separation of Church and State.

As disgusting as:

The C-Street Family of Doug Coe in their 7 Mountains Mandate of Dominion over all and support of the Kill the Gays Bill in Uganda with clearly identified liars and Missionaries of Hate.  Their housing subsidy being undeclared in the Congress & Senate is ruled to be “Ethical.”  So much for “Ethics” from the Cults of Jesus Inc or the Purchased Politician Sock Puppets.

The Faith-Based and Community Initiative from Dubya and the Wrecking Crew feeding these obscene political acts of the Cults of Jesus Inc’s Christ-O-Fascists black robed beauties who have their own form of Sharia law in practice today.  Follow your delusions but we in the reality-based community have other more pressing matters in the NOW.

Naomi Wolf has this to say on the topic through Prolefeed015:

I’m going to the garden.  Have a great day.

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