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Hump Day Happiness 3.22

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on March 23, 2011

Hump Day Happiness 3.22

The best I’m able to muster at the moment is ambivalence.

This is going to take a tour of the garden to digest.

There are several positively reinforcing projects to mount today in the garden.  There are the last of the Holyhocks, Dahlias and Nasturtiums to plant out in the border.  The Zinnias in 5 flavors, Bells of Ireland, Nicotiana, Helitrope, Agastache rupenstris, Monardias and Asclepias in 5 flavors to get set out.  I may have a few cut flowers available.

President Obama’s spending of political capital in this way shows a great strength of character and what is only able to be defined as his Indonesian acceptance of all and respect for all.  Thank you for this demonstration that the Uber-Reich will spin as a call to arms within the diverse Muslim community.

The Culture War is now morphed into Spiritual War (Christ-O-Fascists Crusade).

The real blood, guts and gory, bang-bang, shoot ’em up, the Neo-CON wet dream of perpetual war plays on through the Middle East and this message from President Obama may be tactical but courageous in political terms.

Ambivalence Quotent:

This corporatist manipulation of message is the norm, founded in their fear of the masses and the global community with the Neo-CON terrorist foreign policy of Bush-Lite, King George as the Gulags play on.  When will America’s Main Street stand on their hind paws and bark loud enough to be heard?

The examples of the cost to President Obama for this clear statement are contained in this piece presented by BradBlog’s Earnest Canning:

The “reality” of the Missionaries of Hate from Dr Stanley:

Don’t you just love the absolute hypocrisy of the Cults of Jesus?  Freedom for me but not for thee without tithe.  There is hope with our neighbors to the north leading the way thanks to these Luddite Flat-Earthers, John Birch card-carrying missionaries of hate invited in by St Reagan of the South Los Angeles Crack Epidemic fame and VooDoo economics that are the Scorched-Earth pay-off delivered by Dubya and the Wrecking Crew.


Father Theresa, I got that all out in one breath!

The spirit of Julia Sugarbaker is strong within the Force today.

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