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A Day Off

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on March 30, 2011

A Day Off

The Missionary of Hate Tony Perkins howls out the fundamentalist Christ-O-Fascist fraud and Fear-Mongering with this bigot who has no concept of Christian tolerance nor how truly blessed it was for not being exposed earlier in life.  The illness runs deep.

This vile and obscene Missionary of Hate is absolutely clueless as to what it says or does and this plays among the Fearful Fundamentalist Christ-O-Fascists like candy to a baby.

“I want to be gentile, caring and kind” to everyone but “Teh Homosexual.”

More of the reparative therapy of Christ-O-Fascists with their talking snakes and grand wizards in the clouds lies, fraud and exceptionalism of exemption from the 10 Commandments.

Good on the employer for getting this ill creature as far from humans in need as is humanly possible.  This one feeds her own delusions by “doing good” in her own special flavor of bigotry and display of hypocrisy.

God didn’t choose you!  Your foul bigotry and inability to do your job as a professional is what got your bigoted ass fired.

And the Christ-O-Fascist “PERPETUAL VICTIM” plays out all over again and again as Missionaries of Hate deliver this kind of propaganda and trope.

Whatever happened to:


Sounds like our Congress & Senate in action.

And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy then try this defense of marraige:

This is the real story according to court documents:

Walden’s employer, Computer Science Corp had a contract with the CDC to provide counselors. Walden was counseling a CDC employee who told her about the problems she was having with her relationship with another woman. The employee had gotten emotional because it was a very sensitive situation involving a child in the relationship and forgery in order to steal credit.

It was then that Walden informed the CDC employee that her religious beliefs precluded her from providing counsel. Walden then sought another counselor to handle the client’s referral.

Now even though the client was satisfied with the new counselor, she felt “judged and condemned” by Walden. She also felt that Walden’s body language – her nonverbal communication – indicated disapproval of her relationship.

After an investigation, Walden’s supervisor suggested another way she could refer clients to another counselor without mentioning her “personal values.” Walden was specifically asked if she could tell clients in seeking same-sex relationship advice that she didn’t have relationship counseling experience. Walden refused. Apparently Walden wanted to tell clients that her personal values precluded her from counseling them.

And this is the rest of the story via Pam’s House Blend:

  • The CDC later requested Walden’s removal from the contract.
  • With no other counseling positions available in the Atlanta area, CSC laid Walden off and noted that she would preserve her benefits if re-hired by CSC within a year.
  • Walden refused to pursue further employment with CSC, believing that the inclusion/diversity policies made it hostile toward Christians.

So Marcia Walden’s case is not about her being fired because of her Christian beliefs, but rather she handled duties. When people come in for counseling, it is generally a sensitive situation and they should not be made to feel like they have done anything wrong. Walden chose to express her beliefs in an unprofessional manner and was penalized for it.

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