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Weekend Warrior 4.23

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on April 23, 2011

Weekend Warrior 4.23

The NYPD Gestapo in action.  If it wasn’t so damned sad it would be funny.  This is what your tax dollars pay for in the city.

And this from the Liar in Chief from the Brietbart lying pack of frauds:

And this graphic demonstration of just how the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA.

The lack of intelligence of these vile bigots is displayed for the world to see with their High Priest DeMented in the Senate and Sister Lindsey Grahm.

New Beginnings

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New Beginnings

The Corey is off to his first management meeting this morning at KB.  I’m not.  

It’s all good and I’m happy for him jumping on the opportunity.  We’ll soon see where this goes but I fear it’s heading to the insanity of the workaholic.

Time will tell.

Manic Monday

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Manic Monday:

How typical.

Weekend Warrior 4.17

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Weekend Warrior 4.17

Does anyone really care what comb-over Trump has to say about anything on the face of this earth.  This Oligarch is a disgusting example of what is wrong with America as it spews forth the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc’s in all their InsaniTEA lies, twisted truth and innuendo without substantiation.

This is the Fear-Mongering, Hate-Mongering and reality of InsaniTEA that grips the United States today.

John Meloncamp’s great summation:

It is long past time that Americans began to “walk tall” and retake our government from the Corporate Fascists who’ve perverted this system to feed their greed.  From Tjconkster at HP.

“If you aren’t part of the future then get out of the way.”

Great tunes.

From Alvin McEwen at

There is the answer to The Donald.

The War on the Middle Class with Ed Shultz.  A good piece.

Thank you Ed for getting this piece out there.

And this from The BradBlog:

Enough said?

A New Home

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on April 15, 2011

A New Home

Yep.  It’s that kind of a day.  Moving in is not a fun chore.  I feel like a Stepford Wife: “This floor’s not shiny enough.”

The Boy and I are procrastinating on getting our Paychecks and I’ve nearly gotten the patio tile floor mopped with a bath towel and runs to the kitchen sink.

The house presents some challenges, a beautiful kitchen with granite counters, a central island Jenair stove top that doesn’t work, an improperly grounded flash hot water heater that makes for some shocking experiences in the shower, an icemaker that doesn’t and I’m sure there is more.

Corey and Brooke are off distracted elsewhere and Corey is obviously proud of the place.  I’m sure once we get the furniture in it will be even more of a happy place.  The house has a good energy about it and that’s half the battle.

Hump Day Happiness

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on April 13, 2011

Hump Day Happiness

This from the Cat-Food Commissioner!

As much as I detest this human (at times even that is questionable from his record) he does speak truth to the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA.  The head henchman of the HRCOJ is speaking truth, perhaps that’s a last ditch effort to cling to sanity.

With a happy salute to the missionaries of hate.


It is official.  The “Boy” (and I use the term affectionately for the brave and courageous youth I see in this Corey’s steely determination and drive) and I are now in legitimate cohabitation.  Oh joy!  It’s not “adoption” by any stretch of the imagination. I’m reminded of the tales of the labor camps from the 1930s & 1940s, WPA and all that.  More to follow.

The papers will be signed on Friday and life moves forward in new shapes and demands.

Perhaps a new chapter, that is yet to be determined.  This new stage is a fun place to be.  The house is under huge old canopy Live Oaks just 3 houses off the lake in a lovely “older” section of town.  Quiet neighbors and a placid environment.

I need some space, time and respite in a safe shelter to heal.

Tim is wonderful and I’m indebted to him for his hospitality but this Roger is ill beyond belief and the facts support that.  I cannot sustain myself in the face of this vile and repugnant creature’s contempt.  A more worthless collection of mythologies and auditory hallucinations can’t be found.  Willfully ignorant and proud of it!  Enough said.

It’s onward and upward into a bright future.  It’s long past time for me to live for me and this is an ideal opportunity. Carpe diem and all that rot.

This is happy without the State approved pills.  Yeeeee Freaking Haw!

Happy Hump Day.

Sunday Mourning

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Sunday Mourning

Today is one of those days (until the State-Approved Happy Pill kicks in) when I miss Beula (my Mom) and sometimes Earl (my Dad).  The Garden is getting spectacular with Cucumbers and Pole Beans covering the trellis and garden walls of English Peas and Sugar-Snap Peas white hot torches of fresh new blooms from the first picking light up in the morning sun.

Roger is babbling some incoherent “single engine plane and the power lines, terrorist” bullshit.  I’m maintaining center, aeioum, aeioum, aeioum.

I think an encore by Susan Boyle:

And this is anther of Beula’s favorites:

Yeppers, it’s that kind of a Sunday Morning.

My former employer used to marvel at the fact that I would watch Dr Stanley online with Alex every Sunday morning and maybe I miss that a little this morning but it’s fun to be lost in the imaginary man in the sky for a few.

The Boy is curled up in my bed.  Sometime during the night he came in and curled up next to me, a fact I didn’t know until I pried my silly self awake around 7:30 AM.

“You are like sleeping next to a fireplace” The boy commented as I pulled on jeans, barely awake, staggering for coffee.

“Yep, there is a God.”

Weekend Warrior 4.6

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Weekend Warrior 4.6

Think Progress has this to say in summation:

“Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, which Broun cites, says that “Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defence and general welfare of the United States.” It is the wording about “general welfare” under which grant funding to organizations like NPR and Planned Parenthood is authorized.”

Here is the real ideology behind Braun and his “States Rights” meme.

Humorous but dead on accurate.

And let’s just have a great dose of complete Christ-O-Fascist bigotry.

The Buddhist in me says that this one’s Karma is beyond repair but knows burning a Koran is only the demonstration of impermanence while the teaching remains.

This Brian Fisher I have avoided providing any audience to it but this is the American Family Association and World Nuts Daily.

Let’s take a peek at all those private parts getting all tingly and engorged:

Happy Weekend All.

The Minnesota Loon and the Hate Goon

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The Minnesota Loon and the Hate Goon

This professional liar from the Christ-O-Fascists howling with the chief Missionary of Hate from the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins of the Co-Founder George Alan Rekers & the Rent-Boy, long-stroking luggage handler fame, is disgusting.

This insane lying creature has Presidential aspirations…

*Lounges in recliner with popcorn & beer.*

Over at Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, Alvin McEwen does a terrific job of demonstration through their own words just how vile the US Military treated Gays & Lesbians.

Over at the Box Turtle Bulletin there is an interesting piece about adding an “X” to our alphabet soup of “who we are.”

Perhaps the most interesting part in the piece is the raw truth of the Street Culture Malcom X arose from.  I often surround myself with youth to keep a finger on the pulse of what direction our culture is headed and I know (As a flaming liberal) that we Hippies won the war because of what I see with my own eyes.

Hump Day 4.6

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Hump Day 4.6

Cenk does a great job from last October.

Here are some more civil discussions on this Koch topic:

Cenk sums it up again:

The Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc’s InsaniTEA brings this into the public domain:

This Give-Away off the backs of Granny and the Poor to feed the greed of the top 5% is the new “entitlement” program.  This is the same meme that was employed to induce fear into the mindless sheeple as Social Security was opposed.  Courting the executioner as it is.

Cenk to the rescue:

The video interview that Cenk spoke of:

The Missionaries of Hate, a certified “Hate Group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, have only the agenda of Christ-O-Fascism.  An amygdala-Brain-Damaged demonstrated in the state of denial that Baron dwells within.

Christ-O-Fascists in action.  Yeeeeee Freaking Haaaaaw!

Here’s an interesting intelligent conversation:

“He’s got a lot of hair and judges equally.”  Nuff Said.