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Freaky Friday

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on April 1, 2011

Freaky Friday

Pretty much accurate.  Actually much more civil than the “Brotherhood” from the C-Street Family (David Kato murderers) The Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc or their InsaniTEA and the Democrats with Bush-Lite in the Goldman Sachs White House aren’t any better.

I’ll run for President and make a hell of a lot more sense than these money-grubbing hypocrites.

Honestly, how much safer are we for Af-Pak, the war so nice we’ve done it twice?

$2 Billion a week is what this fiasco costs Main Street.

$160 Billion on a failed prohibition in the War on Citizens with medical problems who are criminalized and all our civil liberties eroded.

$1.6 Trillion on the Homeland Security Gestapo of Dubya and the Wrecking Crew’s creation

$236 Billion surplus turned to $12.8 Trillion debt in the Scorched-Earth Economics of Darth Cheney’s “Deficits don’t matter.”  Is it any wonder that he most closely represents the vile hybrid he is with his mechanical heart.  Pray for a long enough power outage.

This list goes on from “The Faith-Based and Community Initiative” through the C-Street Boys Club of Doug Coe and deep within the Pentagon and the Prince private army built on the US dime right on Cheney’s plan from Daddy Shrub forward.

This from Joe.My.God:

Hallelujah and hooray for this brave child who speaks truth to societal power.

Over at Huffington Post, Robert Reich has this to say:

“Republicans, for their part, worry that if they tell it like it is Americans will want government to do more rather than less. They’d rather not talk about jobs and wages, and put the focus instead on deficit reduction (or spread the lie that by reducing the deficit we’ll get more jobs and higher wages).”

I’m sorry to have to deliver the bad news, but it’s better you know.

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