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Sunday Morning 4.3

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on April 3, 2011

Sunday Morning 4.3

An accurate description of Sunday morning.

The Boy (19 going on 12) is curled in bed and the patio is delightful this morning with the Cardinal singing, the Warblers and the Mocking Birds all in full voice reverberating through the springtime crisp morning air.

The opportunity to observe this man-child mechanic and the interpersonal relationships of modern Urban Aboriginals is fodder for volumes of social commentary.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Emerging from the farm totally unprepared for reality at the tender age of 16 provides me a fair point of reference to view the behavior of “the boys.”

Jeffery, the face of the future of America is a recently freed from jail 17-year-old trying to make it on his own in a very hostile world with feigned religion for the convenience of displacing the God-Almighty Cults of Jesus Inc “blame, shame” and “degradation” on multiple levels from basic genetics (mulatto) to criminal record and extending into lack of education.  A handsome young man but within the pretty package a sociopath dwells from the experience of criminalization and the inability to be comfortable within one’s own skin.

The Boy curled in bed is yet one more example of failed parenting, failed educational support, failed cultural support and that immortal endowment of youth in having all the answers.  From the outside looking in the chaos that passes for life with The Boy is a fairly polar opposite of Jeffery.  A bi-polar telemarketing Mom, a father who is totally absent from his life and a young man seeking guidance is born.  There is an air of sophistication beyond his tender years that is attractive from a friend’s point of view clearly recognizing the invincibility of youth and the lack of life-experience in positive directions.  The Boy is working his American dream.

Both these youths have processed through the State indoctrination systems that are the real condition of the educational system here in Florida that failed these young men in polar directions.  If I were to provide an intelligence assessment of these young men I would place them on the top 10% of all humans I’ve ever met with The Boy highest and Jeffery right at that top 10% mark. Humans well worthy of study and comprehension because this is the product our culture provides as the future of America and minkind.

The Boy with his black & white mechanic’s world view where it either works or it doesn’t is in direct opposition to the Jeffery’s romantic world view housed deeply within the anger-management-challenged outward sociopathic acts.  Jeffery is the howling infant man looking for his Daddy while The Boy seeks only recognition and approval from his Daddy.

I’m still very ambivalent about enabling either of these young men.  The Boy is doing his best (in a reality that most Americans would be hard-pressed to keep up with) on his own with steely determination while the Jeffery manipulates others to emotionally blackmail and financially abuse.  Neither are fully conscious yet but both charge headlong into the abyss of experience, growth and change.  A pair of butterflies emerging from chrysalis and just pumping up their wings in the warm glow of youth.

I just woke the birds, Bea and Avery (Eclectus roratus roratus) in a Sunday morning ritual that does my little heart good.  “I want to fly away” by Lenny Kravitz is pounding from the stereo system just as a wake-up call to the neighborhood.  Now that’s a great anthem for the day.

It’s time to go wake The Boy and get him moving on his day off work.  The reality of making it through the Culture War, The Drug War and The Economic War going on in America is in full display with The Boy and Jeffery.  I wonder if they’ll do better than their parents?  Both are able to make a difference in this life yet the question remains as to how they will follow their bliss.


From Think Progress:

The Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA working on the destruction of America.  The Ever-Orange Cardinal Boehner of the Sisters of Perpetual Lining Their Own Pockets and Missionaries of Hate demonstrates his “Lazer Focus On JOBS!”

This is the Reich-Wing propaganda of financial Armageddon rolling through the masses of mindless sheeples and a real Tokyo Rove presentation:

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