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Manic Monday 4.4

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on April 4, 2011

Manic Monday 4.4

The Tokyo Roves revisionist history is almost as Brietbart & O’Keefe twisted as ACORN.


This kind of crap is a recipe for Third-World America just as surely as the Chamber Of Commerce holding seminars on off-shoring American jobs.

These Koch-Suckers in all their InsaniTEA are the Corporate Fascists’ Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc’s InsaniTEA of scorched-earth economics a la Bush-lite.

Disagree as I do with some of the actions of President Obama I shudder at the thought of McStain /Paylin in the Koch Brothers’ White House.

Here is the Democratic Kick-Off, thanks Joe.My.God:


Updates from the Farm:

The hollyhocks, Asiatic Lilies, Sweet Peas, Nasturtiums and Dahlias are going gang-buster after the 5″ of rain last week.  The seedling Monardia, Agastache, zinnias, sunflowers, Campanula, Oriental Poppy (only 1 survives) Johnny-Jump-Ups and the rest are going in the ground on Wed.

The first of the squashes are coming out of the garden with cocozelle zucchini, yellow straight necks and my favorite black zucchini. The English Peas, Cucumbers, 5 flavors of Beans, cabbages, brussels sprouts, Bok Choi and carrots are coming in sporadically.

Moving Roger to correct management of this asset is the most difficult job of all.

The man is totally insane.


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