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Sunday Mourning

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on April 10, 2011

Sunday Mourning

Today is one of those days (until the State-Approved Happy Pill kicks in) when I miss Beula (my Mom) and sometimes Earl (my Dad).  The Garden is getting spectacular with Cucumbers and Pole Beans covering the trellis and garden walls of English Peas and Sugar-Snap Peas white hot torches of fresh new blooms from the first picking light up in the morning sun.

Roger is babbling some incoherent “single engine plane and the power lines, terrorist” bullshit.  I’m maintaining center, aeioum, aeioum, aeioum.

I think an encore by Susan Boyle:

And this is anther of Beula’s favorites:

Yeppers, it’s that kind of a Sunday Morning.

My former employer used to marvel at the fact that I would watch Dr Stanley online with Alex every Sunday morning and maybe I miss that a little this morning but it’s fun to be lost in the imaginary man in the sky for a few.

The Boy is curled up in my bed.  Sometime during the night he came in and curled up next to me, a fact I didn’t know until I pried my silly self awake around 7:30 AM.

“You are like sleeping next to a fireplace” The boy commented as I pulled on jeans, barely awake, staggering for coffee.

“Yep, there is a God.”

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