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Happy Hump Day

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Happy Hump Day

Mr Tonko of NY has presented an opposing volley.

The Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc continue the War on Main Street begun during the Bush empires and continued through the illusions of President Obama’s Goldman Sachs Administration.

After The Rapture

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After The Rapture

The mythology exposed as yet another fraud.


Having the opportunity to dwell within the ego-mass of youth provides some hysterically funny moments in life.  The Corey Birthday event was successful, a comfortable “celebration” with dinner guests and unexpected visitors.  Strange bedfellows to follow for sure.

Home At Last

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Home At Last

The new home is finally starting to take shape.  The furniture was a bear getting here but it’s done and unpacking accounts for counting casualties.  The casualties are few but painful.

Living in this intergenerational house with a soon to be 19-year-old, a Mid-thirties Latino and me, the all too caucasian farmer, chief cook and bottle washer is an experience.  The house is declared a drama-free zone which is thankfully working.

Friend Theresa was here for the moving in experience and was a tremendous help for that.  The Lazy Dyke organized all the stemware, helped unpack miscellaneous crap that I, quite honestly, forgot that I even owned.  Discovering what remained of life after Nancy is an experience I’m grateful for having delayed.  

The menagerie is one fewer since the dog, Niki, decided to take his french-leave and not return.  His poor little brother Pauly is constantly searching for him the past few days.  I rescued them both from an abusive household and thought I had them settled here.  Obviously not.

Corey says we have a back-asswards household with the Birds chasing the cats and dogs, the cats chasing the dog and all of us  being either referee or intervener depending upon the severity of the confrontation.

Living without TV is a joy but the internet bill is due and keeping an income from the thieves at KB Promotions is a nightmare.  Commissioned only, independent contracting is not stable.  I’m actively searching now and will find a new opportunity for me.

The house is wonderful with hardwood floors, a granite counter topped kitchen with stainless steel appliances, double ovens, convection oven and Jen-Air cook top making my kitchen chores a joy.  The kids are bragging on my cooking all the time and making everyone else jealous.

Today is the day I’m determined to get the last of the packing, setting up and getting settled done in this house so I can move on in life to other things that are more pressing.  Six loads of laundry down and only another 5 to go makes for an interesting day so far.

Corey is working on putting a new rear-end in his Camaro after bending an axel sliding and slamming a curb.  The front tie-rod is about to depart its connections and that repair is still looming in his future too.  His beater is his pride and joy and I have to give the kid credit for his determination if nothing else.  He works hard and smart and is doing what he feels is right.  

The housewarming / Birthday party for Corey turning 19 is scheduled for next week on Sunday.  That should be a real fun experience with the KB Owner coming to visit, peers from work and “family” all appearing at the same time in the same place.

The joys of being home.

Missionaries of Hate 5.12

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Missions of Hate 5.12

I’m still amazed that the Missionaries of Hate from the Family Research Council, a Southern Poverty Law Center certified hate group, are invited to appear on MSNBC or any public forum.  These Christ-O-Fascists are disgusting Missionaries of Hate who have no redeeming qualities.

DOMA is a dead law of animus based on the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc’s InsaniTEA from their Culture War Missionaries of Hate and the endemic fear of the other that pervades these mentally ill CONservatives.

Creepy Kochs, Corporate Fascists

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Creepy Kochs, Corporate Fascists.

The Koch Brothers are the number one reason that the “CONservative” movement is becoming inflamed in America.

The constant meme from the CONservatives is that “The United States is a Christian Nation, right of center” and this is the biggest lie and fraud these Barton-esque creatures create.

America is now and has been since the Founding Fathers a Liberal Nation determined to find the individual as primary rather than the State.  There is clear Separation of Church and State until Dubya and the Wrecking Crew’s “Faith-Based and Community Initiative” began funding the Christ-O-Fascists and the Missionaries of Hate.

As for the Koch Brothers and their Daddy’s founding of the Oil Empire upon open thievery of oil resources from the American Indians, his running away to Russia to sell his drilling technology and triumphant return to the USA to create the creatures embodied in the Corporate Fascist Brothers Grim who are Koch Industries today; the checkered history defines pure greed and animus for America and contempt of Americans.

Weekend Warrior 5.7

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Weekend Warrior 5.7

From Joe.My.God:

Richard “the Dick” Coughlin presents the very valid points.

This from one of my favorite performers:

Cass Elliot at her finest.

Manic Monday 5.2

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Manic Monday 5.2

Well worth the watch and even more important to understanding this rape of America by the Oligarchs.

Sunday Liars Club

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Sunday Liars Club

This professional liar and Missionary of Hate from the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA demonstrates again that her reality is Christ-O-Fascism with her “business” being Anti-Gay reparative “therapy” from within their mythology.

Just because it always bears repeating:

This current government is nearly as corrupt as the Dubya Wrecking Crew with the failures to prosecute the War Crimes and Torture of the prior administration, the Control Fraud of the Banksters, the Embezzlement of the Wall Street greedy thieves or even the foundations of the Heist of History with the chief architect being Ruben and his Minions through Bernanke.