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Home At Last

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on May 19, 2011

Home At Last

The new home is finally starting to take shape.  The furniture was a bear getting here but it’s done and unpacking accounts for counting casualties.  The casualties are few but painful.

Living in this intergenerational house with a soon to be 19-year-old, a Mid-thirties Latino and me, the all too caucasian farmer, chief cook and bottle washer is an experience.  The house is declared a drama-free zone which is thankfully working.

Friend Theresa was here for the moving in experience and was a tremendous help for that.  The Lazy Dyke organized all the stemware, helped unpack miscellaneous crap that I, quite honestly, forgot that I even owned.  Discovering what remained of life after Nancy is an experience I’m grateful for having delayed.  

The menagerie is one fewer since the dog, Niki, decided to take his french-leave and not return.  His poor little brother Pauly is constantly searching for him the past few days.  I rescued them both from an abusive household and thought I had them settled here.  Obviously not.

Corey says we have a back-asswards household with the Birds chasing the cats and dogs, the cats chasing the dog and all of us  being either referee or intervener depending upon the severity of the confrontation.

Living without TV is a joy but the internet bill is due and keeping an income from the thieves at KB Promotions is a nightmare.  Commissioned only, independent contracting is not stable.  I’m actively searching now and will find a new opportunity for me.

The house is wonderful with hardwood floors, a granite counter topped kitchen with stainless steel appliances, double ovens, convection oven and Jen-Air cook top making my kitchen chores a joy.  The kids are bragging on my cooking all the time and making everyone else jealous.

Today is the day I’m determined to get the last of the packing, setting up and getting settled done in this house so I can move on in life to other things that are more pressing.  Six loads of laundry down and only another 5 to go makes for an interesting day so far.

Corey is working on putting a new rear-end in his Camaro after bending an axel sliding and slamming a curb.  The front tie-rod is about to depart its connections and that repair is still looming in his future too.  His beater is his pride and joy and I have to give the kid credit for his determination if nothing else.  He works hard and smart and is doing what he feels is right.  

The housewarming / Birthday party for Corey turning 19 is scheduled for next week on Sunday.  That should be a real fun experience with the KB Owner coming to visit, peers from work and “family” all appearing at the same time in the same place.

The joys of being home.

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