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Freaky Friday

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on July 21, 2011

Freaky Friday:

Thank you Cenk for doing the right thing.

Americans on Main Street have long ago given up their liberties for the mindless drivel spoon-fed by the Corporate Fascist Media Machine that drove the Dubya Wrecking Crew and the real news is that this threat to our security is internal.  The corruption eating away a America’s heartland and Main Streets finds it’s foundation in the Bush-Lite Presidency and the illness of the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus on the CapitAl Hill from the C-Street Holy Mafia to the hallowed halls of Magic Underwear leading the Senate.


Weekend Warrior 7.16

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Weekend Warrior 7.16

From Joe.My.God and MSNBC.

This gem is also from JMG:

This is the state of the Culture War on our children and against the civil liberties of every American Citizen.

The Government has no right to be in my bedroom.

The Cults of Jesus Inc have no right to be in my bedroom.

This hate mongering fool and his lying wife are beyond contempt and firmly into the realm of absolute lunacy from their foundation of mythology and lies.  This is the best the GOTP has to offer?


Weekend Warrior

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Weekend Warrior

Thankfully there is sanity within HBO.  Bill Maher is dead on point with this one.

Happy Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day

America is a land of abuse, abusers and abusive policy has foundation in the Holy Republican cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA.

America is the largest terrorist nation on the face of the Earth.

America is a nation that tortures, bullies and invades other sovereign states for economic gain and to feed the greed of the Industrial-Military Complex that consumes over half our discretionary spending annually in the insanity of wars.

Main Street America has been abused by the financial sector’s fraud, the embezzlement of Wall Street and the inflation of the Corporate Person to position of God-Almighty within the political process, the judicial process and framing policy to create the indentured servitude that the former Middle Class is known for tolerating as the republic crumbles into dust from the damage of the greed inflicted upon Main Street, the family and the individual, who is reviled now rather than respected.

The howl from the right is the anthems of bigotry and pure hate that spew from these Cults of Jesus Inc driven lunatics controlling the asylum.  States shut down public places to prevent the peaceful assembly of Americans while hiding this behind the fraud of “budget deficits” and “in the public interest” while nothing could be further from the truth and the reality of Orwell’s 1984 is 27 years behind us and growing.

There was once when I was proud to be an American in a distant decade prior to Nixon.  The corruption, the greed, graft and politicization of the womb combined with the war on Americans by the political class defines the death of American exceptionalism.  Americans are fat, lazy and altogether too cowardly to stand up and demand change now, as promised.  With the recently past super-majority the Democrats accomplished little to nothing other than continuing to demonstrate their cowardice and ineffective governance with the only difference between Obama and Bush being complexion.

This is the America created from I, Me, My eighties out and it’s disgusting, repugnant and without redeeming qualities as the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in all their InsaniTEA continue their assault on all our liberties, on our prosperity and on our children’s futures.

The only salvation is that I’m still able to say these things and that’s rapidly eroding too.

As if any other explanations are required.

Just so the genius of a Russian is played on our Independence Day.  I have a love for Tchaikovsky and the genius of the composer.

The lying right-wing echo chamber has cost America it’s identity as free and equal citizens and there is no place more apparent than the current Culture War waged against our children.

This is American exceptionalism from a resource that I’m unfamiliar with but have just plugged it in here to have a real historic context to the struggle for freedom and the birth of the nation as terrorist to the crown.