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New Beginnings

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on December 11, 2011

New Beginnings

I’ve been remiss gentile readers in keeping this Blog going because of felons and having my laptop stolen.  Shit happens and sometimes it happens to you.

The fallout from the experiences of Rivera and the creature Synthia led Corey and I to this beautiful new beach pool house and I couldn’t be happier for having made the move in mid-September to this new home.  The move hasn’t been painless or simple but it is very well worth it for us.

I was very well over the house in Seffner under the live oaks where the sun never shone and when Corey and I made the decision to find a beach house in September I was determined to have sunshine back in life.  This new home is the first place we looked at in Largo, Florida and it was love at first sight.  We instantly loved this place and found the means to make it happen for us.

While we were working to make this home happen an acquaintance of ours was entertaining a couple from Hawaii with whom she was having a manage a tois and planned on moving with them to Virginia.  The couple discovered just what kind of manipulative cunt the Sasquatch Sheila truly is and dropped her like a hot potato leaving her without lease and bordering on homeless.  Always remember that: no good deed ever goes unpunished, and Corey and I extending the opportunity for the Sasquatch to room with us is no exception.

Corey and I moved into the new place on September 15 and the Sasquatch the following weekend.  The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths so it really isn’t a difficult home to share and there was plenty of room for the cow’s furniture in the family room while my furniture graced the formal living room.  Corey and I got the move made and the house reasonably settled while working and the Sasquatch found employment with us at the boiler room where we are making stacks of money.  In her training class the cow found her newest victim and the moves were on.

This Sheila Sasquatch is an inbred West Virginian / Ohioan who, in her own demented way, actually believes the world owes her something and the reality is that she is a borderline personality disordered 285 pound 50-year-old drama queen cunt who can’t live a peaceful life now or ever.  Corey and I have the tools in place to deal with drama and live drama-free in our home that is our refuge and sanctuary.  From the very instant of the Sasquatch coming through our door the drama from this cow began and she diligently worked to set up and fulfill her drama with set-ups like:  “Kevin, you are the head of this household, unnecessary manic expenses and Corey never does anything” manipulative tools.  Lies and thievery took several more weeks to expose but exposed they were and the last straw for me was when she fed her Imelda Marcos desire for shoes out of our house grocery money and continued to lie about it.

This Sasquatch Cow was dumped by her geek husband because she was fucking anything and everything she could find on her pest control route and has successfully alienated her three grown kids by being the demented creature she demonstrated here.  I’m very well equipped to deal with Gay Men and their peccadilloes without batting an eyelash.  The slut Sasquatch would put any bathhouse queen to shame with her appetites and living from her cunt.

Living a life with no fear; I made the conscious decision to confront the cow and did that immediately.  The great news is that it only took 10 days from the initial confrontation and putting the Sasquatch cow on notice that her lies, thievery and deceit were completely exposed until she found her merry band of felons to come move her shit out and attempt to steal whatever wasn’t nailed down of ours.  Dial 911 and fulfill the drama for the cow was the rule of the day and this creature is gone.  The cookware, spices, washer & dryer and linens are a small price to pay to have this vile disgusting slut princess out of our life.  The deed is done and it’s gone on to its newest victim Jason who is dumb as dirt and deserves everything that is coming to him with the Sasquatch.  Karmic rewards are so much fun to observe.

The long and the short of this is that Corey and I have the house back to ourselves even after the drama of the Sam who the Sasquatch invited in.  Sam is a 19-year-old from Virginia who was disposed of in Florida by his mom who is back in Virginia because she can’t cope with honest humans and a culture where all are accepted.  Like her son she is a bigot and the Sasquatch inflamed that bigotry to the point of the Sam calling the cops to accuse me of rape.  LOL  The truth is that one cannot rape the willing and Sam, above all else, is more than willing.  There were no charges filed and I kind of enjoyed demanding that the cops get Sam saddled up into the stirrups to insert the scapula to do the test and collect the evidence of rape.  What a joyous occasion that was.  I had the great pleasure and absolute delight of delivering the truth in simple and concise terms to the cops with the woman cop having a hard time containing her laughter and the two men burning full body blushes and I recounted the reality.

I was on the screened porch, minding my own business, as Sam was in the shower for 20 minutes or more when he called and asked if I could help him shave his back.  Being the helpful kind of guy that I am (it is not at all unusual for Corey and I to shower together anyway) I went in to help and did the deed.  Sam then asked if I would shave his butt and, of course, being a Gay Man I applied myself to the chore.  Low and behold, Sam’s terrible shower accident happened when he turned around and his hard dick fell into my mouth.  LOL  After a period of time and the hot water running out I led the way to the bedroom across the house where Sam decided he was “uncomfortable.”  I respected that and thought nothing else of it.  Sam went his way and then locked himself in his room for a couple of days before howling to the Sasquatch who manipulated the call to the cops and the complete discreditation of Sam’s claim of “rape.”   What great fun… 

Life in the fast lane is wonderful these days and the current politics in the USA are an accurate reflection of the very same kinds of illness that we’ve seen clearly demonstrated in this beautiful beach house.  I have the same kind of course of action for this nation recommended.

Throw all the lying, thieving bastards out and re-elect no one. 

Are we a free people or are we the mindless sheep who devour the Faux Spews poison and live a lie?

All characters who may resemble real life individuals are true and I don’t change names to protect the guilty.  If you don’t want to be published in a negative light then don’t make negative actions.

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