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Happy Winter Solstice

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on December 21, 2012

Happy Winter Solstice.

It is somehow appropriate that the darkest night of the year is upon us, we are furthest from the light now and look around us.

The United States of America is reduced to #38 in Global Rankings by the great grand Gilded Age rush to Globalism at everyone’s expense through the Heist of History made possible by the legitimized bribery on Capital Hill.

The Kabuki playing out is disgusting, ill-thought and sadistic in it’s direction.

America’s Main Street has survived the failure of our Banking and Wall Street regulations with purchased politicians pushing $4 Trillion into the hands of the 1% who own them.
Of course they did have the savings and loan debacle and the dotcom crash to practice.

America’s families have blood and treasure in Afghanistan and other locations globally who are guarding Opium Poppies for the Oligarchy and providing that direct cash pipe-line into the hands of the Military Contractors.

Thank you to all the brave Men & Women serving now and the Veterans for your service.

Americans have chosen.
War is more important than Main Street.
Feeding the greed of the Corporate Super-Person of Robert’s creation is more important than Main Street, education, infrastructure, health or the welfare of We The People.
Americans have pride in their national credit rating being reduced by gridlock and we support the purchased politicians lining their Fat-Cat sponsor’s pockets at all our expense.

Sometime back when real Statesmen walked the hallowed halls of Congress and the Senate there was a War on Poverty that no longer exists.  

For such a war-like nation we who live here wonder why that is true?

Why is there a War on the Population of the United States?

Americans live under siege.
The War on Drugs
The War on Women
The Culture War
The War on Civil Rights
The War on Kids
The War on Democracy

Face it America.
War is more important than Granny and Grampa being fed and cared for after a lifetime of citizenship and participation.
War is more important than the health and well being of all United States Citizens.
War is more important than growing this nation into a position of Global leadership through action and example.

America, the largest terrorist nation on the face of the Earth is at War with it’s citizens.

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