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Ripcord In 3, 2, 1

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on December 30, 2012

Ripcord In 3, 2, 1

As a very concerned American Citizen I’ve watched this grand Kabuki playing for 6 decades and the current conditions are reprehensible, an absolute abrogation of the duties of their offices as this Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s obstruction and War on Democracy continues unabated.

And President Obama is far from innocent in this.

“Looking forward, not back,” is the tool to legitimize Fraud on America and the Global Economy while holding the perpetrators harmless.
“Looking forward, not back” leaves war criminals holding How-To Off-Shore America seminars in the Caymans.
“Looking forward, not back” is what keeps the Eric Holder and BFF Department of (In)Justice chasing the low-hanging fruit of Pot-Smokers for 3 to 5 years trips through the perverted courts system at all our expense feeding the greed of the Corporate Prison while fraud on Wall Street is declared to be “Doing God’s Work” in a Christmas homily from the trigger-man of the Heist of History.

Our moderate republican President Obama has pandered to these angry old white men for too long.

The facts, written in the most recent history, demonstrate a complete contempt of Main Street from these Purchased Politicians who’ve legitimized bribery and declare open War on Democracy and Main Street.

A real Statesman, a World Leader would L-E-A-D by example, and the example of President Obama is one of complete ownership by Goldman Sachs and the Oligarchy without concern for Main Street.  The only concern is with that Corporate Super-Person socio-pathetic pure focus on the God-Almighty Profit that drives the current theocratic oligarchy to shoot themselves in the foot by starving those who’ve made them.

The clear intent of the Drama-Queens on CapitAl Hill is to drive their divisiveness through High Kabuki and open fraud, lies and War on Democracy.

A seditious Minorety Leader brings governance to a screeching halt.
A pickled Speaker can’t herd the faithful flock of Fearful Fundamentalist Buy-Bull Thumpers in their 7 Mountains Mandate of flying spaghetti monster insanity.

The damage done is reality in the down-grade of the United States and that’s not just the Standard and Poors rating either.

The Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc rode herd over the largest transfer of wealth in history and Americans accept this?

President Obama, I deplore you to “Just Say NO!”
Bring on the Depression Boys because your War on Democracy is seen.
Americans are prepared. 

On Christian Retailing
*Breathes DEEPLY.  Counts to 10 twice.  Kicks toe in dust, adjusts crotch, spits, grins and lets the spirit of Julia Sugarbaker inhabit my linebacker’s body.*

Let’s give it up for the Christian Brown-Shirts!

Hooray for the Manhattan Declaration!

The problem is that somewhere in that Buy-Bull that’s too often thumped there is story about this wonderful Savior throwing the money-changers out of the Temple.  
This must be where they set up shop.

What a funny demonstration of Christian Compassion to inflict their patriarchal rule upon every woman’s vagina.  How wonderfully encompassing and compassionate to deny appropriate individual health care based solely upon one’s theology inflicted upon everyone else.  
Infringement of “Religious Liberty?”  I think not.

I wonder:
If they consume fish without scales?
Wear two types of cloth?
Plant more than one kind of crop in a field?
Work on the Sabbath?
What price will they put upon their daughters when they sell them into slavery?

The American Taliban of Evangelicals as these demonstrate have now invested this Gay Man with the power to control weather and as a friend of Dorothy I am sorely temped to send tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.

However, the compassionate, loving God that I know accepts their position and moves my money elsewhere (not that I would ever set foot in their shop) considering this more of the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc eating their own.

The prevalence of Christian Retailing is accepted but the KKK clothier down the street is out of business and that McCarthyite burger place died too.

Oh well.

I really have to chuckle whenever I see this August Gentleman from KY, slippery as he is.

The Seditious Senator, the miraculous Do-Nothing man of the hour for the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc is like a cat trying to cover the crap he left in the litter box.  The only problem here is that “litter box” is Main Street and the crap is spawned by his peers.  

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

How about a few color codes to tell us our threat level today Mitchy Poo?

Those 250,000 Kentuckians you are “fixing to gleefully starve” have their eyes set on 2014 and there isn’t a Coal Mine dirty enough for you to hide in then.  

There is a very sound reason why these proponents of Government Secrecy use their Theological strangle-hold on dialog. Their “arguments” are demonstrated a pure lies, deceit and deception by their War on Democracy.  They have ridden herd over the Heist of History and legitimized the K Street Cottage Industry of Koch Brothers Purchased Washington with the disease spreading red, red, red…

Their Presidential Candidate couldn’t tell the truth.

Myth’s poor little Vulture-Capitalist, Off-Shore America, US Chamber of Commerce position of the 2% Corporate Super-Person needs to be water-boarded, dog on the rooftop sensibility offended, Lies in the name of God are still Lies reminded by demanding human responsibility for the sociopath’s acts from someplace other than Main Street or Granny’s cupboard.

That would be doing Blankenfein’s alleged “God’s Work.”

This mouthpiece for the New Gilded Age crawled up off the Monopoly Board and has lost his dice.

I can almost hear the Charles Kuralt-style battle ground news cast:

The Broadcast begins:
The Drone’s eye view video of Tallahassee done up Inauguration festive in blood red cuts to the Rick’s Ranches of tents from the homeless 199ers and back to those lovely embroidered dresses, silk shoes and smoking purses as the Vatican (the original corporate person) entourage arrives.  The Salt Lake City Magic Underpants precision bicycle brigate pivots and waves Phelp’s Corporate Banners.

Karault breaks the magic of the moment:
“General Voldemort of the Brotherhood of Greed’s Corporate Paper-People’s Army has a stunning victory in the War on Democracy being waged by the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc against the Citizens on Main Street while under their direct funding.”

The Fleecing continues.

Karault continues:

“This stunning stroke of political underhandedness is a tactic often utilized by the Reich-Wing with the most recent Tithes for Lies Propaganda pogrom from the Vatican to Salt Lake City demonstrating how easily love is perverted into hate with just a little cooperation and coersion.  Apparently the money too.”

Voldemort explains: 
“The cutting down on early voting days is a clearly demonstrated economic “saving” to the State.
We are enjoying that saving here tonight in a State Dinner of Lobster and Tuna Steak immediately following the Profits Prayer Service or whenever the caterer says it’s ready and the serving slaves are searched.”

Karault continues:

“Florida in particular suffered greater than average fatalities as 49,000 were disenfranchised, left-behind in the trenches with the Fraudster delivering siege to Grama and Gramps retirement years, education and high-speed rail all crippled too.”

General Voldemort’s quote of the day: 

“The high cost of the War on Democracy must be born by someone and these Fearful Fundamentalists are easily manipulated.   I spent my money to get into this State House and I’m not like Jan who hates the Tan.  I won’t sell the place and lease it back at a profit yet.”

Cut to a quick screen of The Most Righteous Reverend Mother Mayhem Maddow of the Sisters of Bull-itis surrounded by the Cardinals of Compulsiveness Drones.

“The body count for disposable teens in the LGBTQ community has not yet arrived.” The Reverend Mother Maddow reports.  “The Sisters of Bull-itis are still un-thumping Buy-Bulls from the backs of the real victims trying to resuscitation intellect in these spiritually abused children from this morning’s Focus on The Family and the Family Research Council attacks.”

Karault closes:
“A very successful campaign in the War on Democracy brought to us by the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc and the Missionaries of Hate.”

“Stay tuned for the thrilling reporting on the Pope blessing the Ugandan LDS Minister sponsor of the Kill The Gays Bill live from Scott Lively square next to the choirboy’s.”

Sponsored by the Stand Your Ground For doG Tokyo Rove Chior of Missionaries of Hate.
Myth ChainE and the Sisters of Bachmann Loonassy host.
One Million Moms has flipped.  MOM is now WOW.

Eaters meet at 7:00 PM to clean up the scraps.

And, of course the ever-present evangelical commercial at Billy Mays volume follows.

Brothers, have you felt threatened?  Does loud music offend you?  Do skittles and a can of soda send you over the top chasing down teens?  Well we have a special surprise for you today.

Introducing the Huckster-tastic, twice as elastic, plugs it up and shuts that thing down AR69 combination chastity and personal shield weaponry.

Yes men, you get your wish.  Total control of the womb and Stand Your Ground all rolled up in that handy dandy feminine body shield.

Act now and you’ll get not one but two and we’ve arranged special shipping and handling for the slaves direct to your door for only $199.95 each.

Hurry and act now and get the free bonus of the boys butt-plug bomber to protect your backside and travel the mean streets in safety.  

I have to respect the “Compassionate CONservative” path of Brooks.

The reality of the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc:

The Seditious pledges:
The Manhattan Declaration
The Norquist rot
The “One-Term President”

The Accomplishments:
The Destruction of Glass-Steagall
The Heist of History
2 Unfunded Wars
Spending more than all the administrations of the United States Government history combined and demanding Main Street Pay $14 Trillion in fines for stupidity by putting these fools in office to begin with.

And the Democrats are completely complicit.

Now what are we going to do about it?

Just ending the Bush Give-Away to the Rich only addresses a small portion of the real Fiscal Illness of these Greedy K Street whores, the Pigs Feeding At The Trough.

What about:
Ending the cash hemorrhage of Military Contractors who now outnumber troops on the ground?  This is the real Elephant in the room.
Ending the Wars?
The real blood and treasure Middle East ones
The War on Democracy
The War on Women
The War on your kids
The War on LGBTQ civil rights
The War on Tan
The War Main Street
The War on Unions

It is long past time for America to produce a real Statesman to speak the truth of the real cost.

The real cost of this is:
American Labor is living subsistence existences in the richest nation on the Earth with open War declared on them by the Corporate Paper Super-Person and Americans are too freaking stupid to see this is an assault on their homes in the height of a foreclosure crisis not seen since the Great Depression.

The down-grade of the USA: 
America’s global position as #38th.
First in Gun fatalities.

No high-speed rail, alternative energy and mass transit systems.

Infrastructure rot

The after-birth of the Roberts’ Supreme Court decision that the Corporate Super-Person has more rights to free speech than you or I.

Working diligently to make Main Street pay for folly from their cupboards.

The continual legitimized bribery, spying on Americans, rule by Fear Alone continues.

Where is the unified America that once existed?

Lost to the divisive Faux Spews and Fiends, Tokyo Rove minions and the ever-present Missionary of Hate choir singing their sad songs of “Infringement on Religious Liberty.”
Tithes for Lies anyone?

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