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Wanjiru 4 U

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Wanjiru 4 U

Kevin Atlanta There are over 1,200 specifically legislated “Civil Rights” that are denied LGBTQ Couple and the Community at large created in “Marriage.”

Is my commitment to a partner to raise children, a business, create a home any different that that of the Straight Community?

What day did you wake up and decide to be Gay?

Did you have a poor homosexual experience that made you Straight?

Who are you to tell me who I may or may not love?

What are you doing in my bedroom in the first place?

The animus, lies and Tithes for Lies pogroms of the Catholic, LDS and Evangelical community is well known and they are infringing on my Civil Liberty founded in their Theology and not reality.
Their Priest Class has traditionally fought against the Berdache Community to maintain their royal standards of living and political influence.

These legislators are well aware or woefully willfully ignorant of the tide of history turning against this constant State of War and especially this Culture War that is mindless, senseless and unnecessary when that funny piece of paper called The Constitution is followed.

“Those that give up essential liberty to attain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  Benjamin Franklin.  You know, that Pot-Smoking, Hard-Drinking, founder of the Post Office who was a Terrorist to the Crown.

America, #1 Terrorist Nation on the face of the Earth

Cash Equals Free Speech

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Cash Equals Free Speech


As a Progressive, with a reasonable grasp of the cases presented, and a personal vested interest in my Gay Family, I have no great expectation of Justice from the Roberts Supreme Court now or ever.


The history speaks volumes to the collective group-think that provided the immaculate conception and virgin birth of the Corporate Super-Person in the equation of Cash equals Free Speech.


You can bet this bench listens real close at all of those Koch-hosted events.


I see a 5-4 in favor of LGBTQ Equality in part because of the rose-colored glasses from the minimal strides we’ve made through today.


What I suspect is that Scalia & Roberts will push to deny legal standing and avoid decision after grand-standing taking it on.


There are several associated issues with this LGBTQ Civil Rights topic that stem directly from the Church and their Tithes for Lies Pogroms that included Missionaries of Hate on the streets and from the pulpits.


My community has no such organization nor funding resources as the threat of eternal damnation now does it?


We of the Berdache community are everyone’s brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors & co-workers. We desire the very same life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as every other Citizen with the 1,200 Civil Rights of Marriage recognition included.


Who are you to tell me whom I may or may not love?

What day did you wake up and decide to be Straight?

Did you have a poor homosexual experience that made you Straight?


What are you doing in my bedroom in the first place?


The next great howl from the Reich-Wing is the “infringement upon Religious Liberty” meme building now.


I would respectfully remind these folks that their Religion is infringing upon my Liberty and that’s clearly UN-Constitutional.


Sinclair Lewis in the 1930s said it best: “When Fascism arrives in America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”


The legacy of this Roberts Supreme Court is forever enshrined as:

Cash equals Free Speech.

Who is buying?

Sunday Again

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Sunday Again

Sunday youtube browsing produced this gem.  A giggle or a scare depending upon one’s world view.

I’m relieved that our President is not a Kenyan but an alien.


I was reading at HP and commented on this Piece concerning the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s current charade.

Condolences to the Holy Republican & Teapublican Cults of Jeebus Inc is the kindest statement I am able to make toward these Luddite Whigs.

The Party of Lincoln died a horrific death with McCarthyism, Nixon, Ray-Gun’s invitation of the American Taliban into the “Big Tent” and then the ever-murderous Dynasty of Death with a Slick-Willie stuck in as shill; the same as exists today in the Moderate Republican in the Goldman-Sachs White House.

What exists today in Washington is the homogenized whores of K Street, C Street and the Corporate Super-Person of the Roberts Supreme Court’s immaculate conception and virgin birth in Money equals Free Speech.  The Corporate-Capture of Government is complete and clearly demonstrated in one clear reality:

TOO BIG TO FAIL AND TOO BIG TO JAIL.  There is no clearer statement of the absolute destruction of the American Constitution than this travesty and admission of submission to the lying, greedy thieves who tanked the Global Economy intentionally, with malice and forethought demonstrated in the Savings & Loan debacle and the destruction of Glass-Steagall by the purchased politicians hiding behind smoke screens of blow-jobs and incredible infidelity.

This Administration and it’s Eric Holder & BFF do nothing Department of Injustice have endorsed the Heist of History, War Crimes, Torture, Gulags and open treason in “The Patriot Act,” of all the Orwellian damned creations of ChainE/Dubya and the Holy Teapublican & Republican Cults of Jeebus inc and their Doddering Democrat equals in “Looking Forward, Not Back.”

There are no “Democrats or Republicans” left alive on Capital Hill and the only Statesmen are Socialist or comedian.

What exists inside the Beltway is the Group-Think of the Corporate Super-Person in the sociopath-primates hiding behind the corporate veil.

Where is the voice to:
End all the damned Wars of Lies and Fraud?
End the damned Gulags and Gestapo?
Restore American Civil Liberties?
Break-up the Banksters and Wall Street frauds?
Protect Main Street from the Fascist?
Improve the Health, Education and Welfare of the United States?

These are all pissed-away in the deserts in an American-Created Jihad against the Constitution and driving the Perpetual War of Profit.

Purchased, lock, stock and barrel.
Swallowed up in redundant Gestapo policing and spying on Americans.
America you pay for this in Socialize the LOSS but PIVATIZE the PROFIT as they pursue this with acolyte’s passion of the Prosperity Gospel.

Saturday Surprise

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Saturday Surprise

The base is here

On this 36th time Holy Republican & Tea-publican Cults of Jeebus Inc have pissed-away more US Taxpayer money on this repeal of the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s response to Hillary-Care.

Money that could be helping head-start. education and health Care or even restoring Social Security benefits to their effective economic level as intended.

These smarmy divisive racist, elitist fools on the Hill display their agenda of the War On Democracy from the Dynasty of Death forward.

The McCarthy-ite Cruz is a 6-year stain on America like his opposite clones, Sprinting Chellie Loon, Gomhert and the late West.

(was that Wicked Witch or Alan?  I rather liked Adam West and his boy-toy. but I digress into buckets of truth.)

All firmly founded in what they are paid to say today by their Meat-Puppeteer Masters from Wall Street’s “doing God’s work” to these schizoid-primate-theocrats with “our way or the highway.”  The very embodiment of the New Gilded Age of stinking zombie corpses with no accountability.

They are the very embodiment of Einstein’s insanity: “Doing the same thing time and again and expecting different results.” (see above links)

And if one needs any further substantiation of the War On Democracy, The War On Main Street, the militarization of Police, the very existence of the Homeland Security Gestapo of Grope-Patrols and “coordination of resources” spying on Americans as the KGB does in the former USSR; read on.

Look at who profits from the failed prohibition just as who profits from the real Blood and Treasure Wars.

Would you like to see how much this Corporate-Captured Government costs you, Main Street, as these damned fool Meat-Puppets continue in their divide and conquer with rhetoric, grandstanding Aqua-Buddhas, Recalcitrant liars and Philandering Purchased Politicians who hold America in Contempt and DO NOTHING to protect “Equal Justice Under the Law” or the Constitution they were sworn to Uphold.

The War On Drugs clock
The War Clock

Are you feeling safer and more secure for Gulags, Gestapos, Corporate Prisons, Corporate Armies, Drones and legitimized murder for political dissent all created on your taxpayer dime?

Do you really think that Janet’s Grope-Patrols are effective?

Do you think America should be the #1 Terrorist Nation on the face of the Earth?

As Orwellian as “The Patriot Act” and even more malicious are the false representation we see on CapitAl Hill today. 

The War on Democracy.

America: are you better off today than you were BCD? (Before ChainE- Dubya).

Moscow on the Potomac and Leningrad on the Hudson with all the Fascist Charm of  “socialize the loss and privatize the profit.”

It has arrived.

Their Profits (I got it right) are God-Almighty and theirs is “the only way.” 

Piss-On-You Economics of 60 years has insured the huddled sheeple are very effectively shorn and fleeced at the same time.  Third-World America is realized.

Equal justice under the law?  Not so much in America.

“Those who give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin, one of our hard-drinking, pot-smoking Founding Father Terrorists to the Crown.

“When Fascism arrives in America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”
Sing “Hail-Kruz”!
NEO-CON Perpetual War has arrived.
Wake up America.

The War on Drugs, The War Guarding Opium Poppies/Oil/Lithium for the Oligarchy, The Culture War, The War On Democracy, The War On Main Street, The War On Women, The War On LGBTQ Civil Rights, The War On Children, The War On The Elderly, The War On Unions, The War On Free Speech and the War On Individual rights to privacy and the pursuit of happiness.

The only War these smarmy fools don’t like is the War On Poverty and Ignorance. 

Seems everywhere these Christian-ists go War is sure to follow.

Fear is a powerful tool and as one of their “Most-Feared Others” invested with the Ability to control weather, earthquakes, destroy marriages by attaining Civil Rights and the Catholic & LDS with the Missionary of Hate for Prop8; were this true I would hold all these snake-oil salesmen and SPLC identified Hate Groups as Seditious from the 7 Mountains of Dominion to the Manhattan Declaration and inflict upon them the same set of values they’ve inflicted on the rest of us with “Save the Zygote and dispose of the Child.”

Maybe the Romans had the right idea.

The Bush Dynasty built Al Qeada and the Taliban who are now “Terrorist” a vilified tactic rather than ideology.  ChainE is the source of fruition of the Corporate Army and the For-Profit Wars founded in lies and open fraud.  The stated goal of these Terrorists is the bankruptcy of the USA.

Is it any wonder that a decade later Dubya paints his toes in Tyler, TX while ChainE scouted Gulags for a tissue-match.  We now know that artificial life-forms exist other than Cher.

I give the Mexican Government credit for making an attempt to clean-up corruption, American-Style by just turning the Government over to the Corporate Super-Persons who rape them too.  Honduras, Panama, Ecquador, Nicaragua, Columbia have all fallen to the Corporate Will.

Our neighbors to the north are more free than we and have socialized medicine, but does anyone on CapitAl Hill have sense enough to say “enough is enough” and do the right thing for the Citizens?  I doubt it; doesn’t pay as well.

 Will Rogers in 1902, the last Gilded Age created by these greedy thieves when they set up to insinuate themselves into every humans life with the pure usury and fraud exposed today.

“Americans have the best Government that money can buy.”

Look at how effectively the Koch Brothers speak in their War On America and Main Streets Globally.  Why the immaculate conception and virgin birth of the Corporate Super-Person is Roberts Court’s spawn where money equals free speech.

They sure do listen real well now don’t they?

Happy Spring

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Happy Spring:

As a Progressive, one of the “Most-Feared Others” from the howls of the power invested in me as a Gay Man that extend from their McCarthyite roots in the 1950s through today’s CONservative Cultists who blame the destruction of marriage and America upon my Gay Family; I have better solutions than censorship.

CNN just demonstrated some Journalistic integrity by confronting the liar.  Just a thought.

And here’s another:
The Bishop Eddie Long and his special boys settled out of court,
Ted Haggart and his drug-dealing male prostitute,
The Pope resigned you know and let his boyfriend out of the Vatican prison to “retire” a lot like the retirement of the Gent in Tyler, TX painting his toes or attending How-To Off-Shore America conventions while we were voting.  Is that the Hague calling?
All those lovely men in embroidered dresses with their white smoke have a new Chief Missionary of Hate.  Wooo Hooo!

My personal favorite:
Tony?  Are you listening TONY?
The founding father of “Repair-A-Tive Therapy” George Alan Rekers of “And the Rent-Boy long-stroking luggage handler after the Florida Taxpayer paid (for Anti-LGBTQ adoption testimony) European tour and FOUNDING MEMBER OF THE FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL”s own fame.

And let us not forget the Scott Liveley on trial for Crimes Against Humanity because of the Kill The Gays Bill and reality in Uganda.
I say confront them.
Confront them every single time with:
What day did you wake up and decide to be Straight?
Did you have a poor homosexual experience that made you Straight?

I encourage my Gay Family to maintain the highest set of values in communication.

As much as abhor Faux Spews and Fiends fairly unbalanced Tabloid TV and Holy Republican Cults Jeebus Inc propaganda with their Tokyo Roves and Missionary of Hate I applaud this minimal effort at Journalists finally self-policing or being policed by responsible representation.

I become somewhat amused that MSNBC that Progressive Voice has aired more of these Missionaries of Hate than any other.  Perhaps the solution is not only providing voice but opposition to, directly, immediately and without bias.

CNN demonstrated clearly what happens when one confronts the bully.

I suppose like most Americans today we are less and less disposed to fall for the Corporate Super-Person’s media manipulation so the assaults have to have human faces rather than something esoteric like “Terrorists.”

We do have the Roberts Supreme Court’s immaculate conception and virgin birth of the equation that Cash equals free speech to deal with and they are now deciding on my Gay Families Civil Rights because of a political church’s Tithes for Lies pogrom.

“Those that give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.’ Benjamin Franklin, one of those hard-drinking, pot-smoking Founding Fathers.  You know the Terrorists to the Crown who set up the Colonies for today’s rape by the royal families.

America #1 Terrorist Nation on the face of the Earth.