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Happy Spring

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on March 22, 2013

Happy Spring:

As a Progressive, one of the “Most-Feared Others” from the howls of the power invested in me as a Gay Man that extend from their McCarthyite roots in the 1950s through today’s CONservative Cultists who blame the destruction of marriage and America upon my Gay Family; I have better solutions than censorship.

CNN just demonstrated some Journalistic integrity by confronting the liar.  Just a thought.

And here’s another:
The Bishop Eddie Long and his special boys settled out of court,
Ted Haggart and his drug-dealing male prostitute,
The Pope resigned you know and let his boyfriend out of the Vatican prison to “retire” a lot like the retirement of the Gent in Tyler, TX painting his toes or attending How-To Off-Shore America conventions while we were voting.  Is that the Hague calling?
All those lovely men in embroidered dresses with their white smoke have a new Chief Missionary of Hate.  Wooo Hooo!

My personal favorite:
Tony?  Are you listening TONY?
The founding father of “Repair-A-Tive Therapy” George Alan Rekers of “And the Rent-Boy long-stroking luggage handler after the Florida Taxpayer paid (for Anti-LGBTQ adoption testimony) European tour and FOUNDING MEMBER OF THE FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL”s own fame.

And let us not forget the Scott Liveley on trial for Crimes Against Humanity because of the Kill The Gays Bill and reality in Uganda.
I say confront them.
Confront them every single time with:
What day did you wake up and decide to be Straight?
Did you have a poor homosexual experience that made you Straight?

I encourage my Gay Family to maintain the highest set of values in communication.

As much as abhor Faux Spews and Fiends fairly unbalanced Tabloid TV and Holy Republican Cults Jeebus Inc propaganda with their Tokyo Roves and Missionary of Hate I applaud this minimal effort at Journalists finally self-policing or being policed by responsible representation.

I become somewhat amused that MSNBC that Progressive Voice has aired more of these Missionaries of Hate than any other.  Perhaps the solution is not only providing voice but opposition to, directly, immediately and without bias.

CNN demonstrated clearly what happens when one confronts the bully.

I suppose like most Americans today we are less and less disposed to fall for the Corporate Super-Person’s media manipulation so the assaults have to have human faces rather than something esoteric like “Terrorists.”

We do have the Roberts Supreme Court’s immaculate conception and virgin birth of the equation that Cash equals free speech to deal with and they are now deciding on my Gay Families Civil Rights because of a political church’s Tithes for Lies pogrom.

“Those that give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.’ Benjamin Franklin, one of those hard-drinking, pot-smoking Founding Fathers.  You know the Terrorists to the Crown who set up the Colonies for today’s rape by the royal families.

America #1 Terrorist Nation on the face of the Earth.

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