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Monday Again

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Monday Again

The full moon weekend was festive and restive although in retrospect it is a bit of “misery loves company” with the Gay 7 Gray set that is me and the few peers remaining.

I’ve become completely disenchanted with the AOHell Huffington Post and their censorship.

As a political pundit it’s an infuriating place living in AmeriKKKa today.  I’m working on ways to communicate that effectively so it may be heard by many rather than just the like minded..

Amazingly this doesn’t pass the censorship:

I’ve been diligently working to find a voice that passes the censorship board and have some success so here goes:


These Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc Luddite Meat-Puppets and Missionaries of Hate are not representative of “We The People” in spite of just having passed their liars contests on Main Street.  There isn’t a Statesman in the lot of these purchased pigs at the trough.


It is clear to this American that the Corporate-Capture of Government is what Ike warned us of in 1960 with a perpetual state of War as the NEO-CON wet dream of reality today with no defined enemy combatant other than “terrorist,” a tactic; not a nation but a political ideology.  In America today you only need be labeled “terrorist” and you too may enjoy indefinite detention and the ChainE (looking for tissue match) hospitality of GITMO.


This Clown-Car full of pandering pigs is on display as never before and they revel in the Kabuki as the Department of Injustice surrenders to Wall Street and the Greedy Bankster thieves.


The only “priority” inside the Beltway is where is my next stack-o-cash coming from?  Where can I sell my vote today?


The Uterine focus of the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc is convenient for them to distract the fearful fundamentalist Buy-Bull Thumpers and Taliban as they all huddle in that recto-cranial position of I, Me, MY that rules their petty, ill lives as “representatives” of the American People.  Look at the mighty white and know the lies of Wars, Fraud and endorsement of that all with “Looking forward and not back” from the Moderate Republican in the Goldman Sachs White House now.


Hate to break it to you America but Myth Romney Vs Obama was a repeat of the Alvin Green Vs Demented in SC (that being the trial run).

The Dynasty of Death still rules as the ChainE idiot puppet paints his toes in Tyler, TX and opens a library because he finally finished that 3rd coloring book.


Wake up America!

2014 is coming and for me Hope Springs Infernal because I demand to know just what direction “Forward” is an understand clearly the Orwellian circumstances that exist.


The reality is that these vile and slimy creatures hold America’s Main Street and labor in absolute contempt.


The War rage on because that’s the prosperity vacuum these vile creatures utilize to Rape America.

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Saturday Sunshine

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Saturday Sunshine


Saturday morning here and JT has been through for a quick visit on the way to Lowes or some other big box store to fill up his spare time.

I’m lounging in the sunshine waiting on Greg & Craig for the Gay and Gray brigade to start hooting and hollering.  The Lee has been off and about town for several days and I’m just being lonely today.  Stuff happens.

This whole Gay & Gray routine is wearing on me this week. 

New acquaintances and just keeping faith is about the best we are all able to accomplish in this life.  I’ve been blessed several times over with love and happiness so today is OK.

It’s a Thursday.

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It’s a Thursday

Good morning to the few who may read.  It’s a Thursday morning here in the garden for sure.  Rough day for this human but life goes on.  Nothing matters, there will be no history of it all in 100 years and today, this moment now, is the only reality.

“Those who live with one foot in yesterday and one in tomorrow all too often shit all over today.”  Sister Confused-Puss from someplace long gone.

Remaining rooted in now is difficult today because I am feeling like a raw, exposed nerve-end being trampled.  Just the way it is.


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Hump Day Hubris

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Hump Day Hubris

Good Morning America.

I fear the Sheeples are far from waking up.

How wonderful to hear that a Dem finally brought the Holy Republican & Teapublican Cults of Jeebus Inc to task over their assault on humanity.

These Luddite idiots, McCarthyites and Theocratic Inquisitors one and all are a disgusting stain on this nation just as their ergot-induced hallucination based disease (religion) is a stain on America denying equal rights to persons of color, providing the Missionaries of Hate and legitimization of theft and fraud.

Looking forward not back.

The $120 Million of Tithes for Lies spent by the Catholics, the LDS and the Baptists in the anti-civil rights efforts against LGBTQ Citizens is exposed as the lies and fraud that all these “religions” espouse as their only mode of operation.  Just think how many homeless could be housed, hungry to be fed and ill to be cared for that this money could help.

The minute any Elected official declares the inerrancy of his/her Buy-Bull they are confessing to sedition and subversion in their inability to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  Well what’s left of it after the ChainE/Dubya reign of terror of the Dynasty of Death.

The Priest Class has only one goal and that’s to maintain their royal life-style off the backs of the fearful fundamentalists and by building that God-Almighty Most-Feared Other as the only task they excel at.

Tithes for lies.

Free Speech = Cash.

Campaign Contributions.

The Catholic Church is the original Corporate Super-Person with the subversion of Pope Gregory codifying pagan holidays to the “Christian” in their clear design to subvert and encompass these other belief systems.

The Accomplishments of these Priests are many:
The Crusades,
The Inquisition,
Blood Diamonds,
Jim & Tammy Faye Baker,
Ted Haggart and the drug-dealing male prostitute,
The “Bishop” Eddie Long and his special boys,
George Alan Rekers and the Rent-Boy
The International ring of Pedophiles.

Real estate holdings and personal wealth sucked up by Missionaries of Hate and their Corporate Super-Person sociopath clones.

The accomplishments of these organized “religions” demonstrates exactly the success of that man named Adolph and for the very same reasons.  There has to be a “Most-Feared Other” and this they excel at creating.

“When Fascism arrives in America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”  Sinclare Lewis 1930s.

The Church sold endorsement of Fascism to Mussolini for the contribution of a mere $120 million and we see how they’ve invested that.  The Vatican demonstrates it is the Department of Hate, Lies and Fraud repeatedly and smiles in their lovely embroidered dresses and Prada Shoes with smoking purses and pointy hats.

When the McCarthyites and John Birchers were tossed from the Republicans and St Ronnie invited the American Talibangelists into the “Big Tent” this War On America became real.  These Cultists are Anti-American and the vile creatures from David Barton, Scott Lively, Tony Perkins and my personal favorite, the father of Repair-A-Tive therapy founder of the Family Research Council.

End the Wars and get these poor schizoid, delusional fools into treatment.  A better argument for Universal Health Care (inclusive of Mental Heal) can’t be found when one looks at the Holy Republican & Teapublican Cults of Jeebus Inc.

Somber Saturday

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Somber Saturday

The normally abundant sunshine of Florida has abandoned me today to this living Hell of Somber Saturday, 4/20 and all that entails.

The tears blur the words and there is just so much to get poured out for so many and so damned little time demonstrated perpetually for me in this life.

I’ve avoided doing this for years and years now but with 60 looming in the devastating head-on collision that I know it will be I am facing this now.

Today is the 25th anniversary of best friend Butch dying in my arms.  The cloudy gray weather is an amplifying feature that moves me to write to maintain some sanity today and after all this time I grieve more than ever for those who are no longer with us. So I snatch up the ever-present hand towel and mop the eyeballs and start doing what it is that I do.

So today is 4/20 and the insanity of the War On Drugs that is the War On Main Street rages on with two more States coming to their senses to end the failed prohibition but an Eric Holder & BFF do-nothing Department of Injustice conspiring to justify their existence.

Perhaps that’s part of my issue today is that I feel like I have to justify my existence.  That is part of this perpetual Mid-Life Crisis that seems to have settled in from the last change of decade and has made adolescence look like a cake-walk.  For we who are suicide survivors these are dangerous days.

There are truly no regrets but the reality of today makes for some interesting experiences so rather than beating around the bush here I will just get to it.

I am, first and foremost, a farm-boy, nature-child whose first lessons were those of the world surrounding me on levels that only life within the womb of nature are able to define.  I am the 4th male child with 3 older male siblings and a female sibling out someplace in the world and, quiet honestly, I am ecstatically happy that these creatures are separate from me now and always.  The reasons for this will become apparent but for now you’ll have to accept the truth of the statement.

My parents, God rest their poor tortured Republican souls, were products of the Great Depression and not particularly successful but maintained a middle-class standard of living  for us.  They were much too involved with Daniel, my next oldest sibling, seven years my senior and my sister, 5 years junior, to become actively involved in my life and those times when they tried I was very successful at limiting access.  My parenting is predominantly from self and my paternal grandparents which has helped provide me the clarity of vision that’s kept me breathing and moving forward for a lifetime now.

The childhood cast of characters was fleshed out with the Collins family, our neighbors with 6 boys all of good Irish Stock which perhaps explains some of my “weakness” today.

My life lessons were founded in the natural cycles of the Upstate NY dairy farm and the forests surrounding the farm with the Sugar Maple standing sentry at the face of the salt-box style farmhouse my first teacher.  The Farm, 3 miles up a dirt road from Breezeport, NY was 90 acres of cleared pasture, barns and surrounded by forest preserve and patchwork farms flowing down the Chemung River Valley spread out below us.

I was always amazed at the flocks of city folk who would come tour to ogle the spectacle of the blood red leaves of my kindred souls spilled out across the mountainsides in a glorious send-off to summer heralding the bitter depths of the nearly endless winter soon to come.  From my second story bedroom window across the porch roof the Sugar Maple Sentry stood in stark black skeleton to the unending white and sub-zero cold shivering and swaying in the howling north winds.  Often in the deepest of the February coldest nights the cannon-shot of one of my Sentries brothers life departing could be heard and I would seek these places in the forest as soon as the snows left to be amazed at the abundance of life created by one of my brother’s death

Most Yanks think of spring as Forsythia and crocus but I have this vision of the blood red blooms of the Sugar Maple frosting the mountainsides and my vision of them with ruby glow as Spring long before those other late-comers.  From age 3 onward I was a child of these spring forests of Hepatica, Eronthronium, Violets, Trillium and Moccasin Flowers who gave way to Mondardia, Phlox, Digitalis and jewel weed as the heat of summer was cooled by the Maple leaves bigger than my hand at the time.

It is with much trepidation that I viewed these cycles of life from my 14th year forward.  As the progression of the blooms and fruits of the field kept their time my world was shattered by the suicide of my Grandfather, despondent over of the loss of Gram. A wiry wisp of a man Earl Hamilton lived a tortured life with a male lover and 2 sons 19 years apart, a married Gay Man.  I have continually prayed that he is at peace now.  The seeds sown however from his act of self-destruction have grown and been fostered in this life at times all too well.

The salvation is knowing I’ve not ever gone to the place of actually writing the note.

Oh I freely admit that there have been times when I’ve been sorely tempted to just check out to the recycling center but that would be a vindictive and unproductive act on my part and that’s just not who I am.  It’s much more rewarding to torture one’s self and continue to endure the pain and self-inflicted torment.

I am the beautiful child bullied and tormented because of my sexual identity and I’m not one who has ever hidden me.  I am the political activist, the public speaker, the voice for all those who have come before me and those yet to come.  I have not ever given power to the hate but finding antidote to the poison as the years progress becomes increasingly difficult.

I have no doubt that I am absolutely insane.  Always have been and always will be and that’s how God intended me to be I suppose.  I’m not insane in the Einstein sense of doing the same thing time and again and expecting different results.  I am insane in the sense of holding full knowledge of who “I” am in the Buddhist sense and a compassionate understanding of right thinking, right speech, right actions that have left scars and battle wounds galore but never, ever heal.

After Deb was a strange period for me.  Deb’s sister married my next to the oldest brother David who sexually abused me as a child and continues to sexually abuse children to this day as an alcoholic, born-again sub-human unworthy of anything but contempt in his greed and narcissistic illness.  Daniel too sexually abused me and this extended beyond childhood into adulthood with his claim to having had sex with Deb.  Today that means as much as Daniel, the Queen, a lying self-absorbed sick human who has never risen above the level of his crotch.  Just history for the Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc of today is all.

After Deb I found myself.  That was perhaps the best gift ever.  I hold no animosity toward Deb or those other creatures whom “family” is the only term not-derogatory that I’m able to get out concerning them.  Finding myself was, at the time, a process of elimination and I gratefully found myself alone with Buffy, my cocker spaniel in the boonies of Port St Lucie, FL working and moving through life in strange and twisted ways that only those who’ve walked our Berdache path are able to clearly understand.  After the complete and total devaluation, the destruction, deceit and depravity of doing what is expected I found a state of nearly pure bliss where there were no strings, no expectations, no demands and only time.  I began to work to pull the shattered, the compartmentalized life of a married Gay Man into the man I hold in the core of my being as the adult of the precious child battered and sexually abused within my deepest soul.  I am an OK guy.  I’m not perfect but I am an OK Guy who still carries the scars and never forgets where he arose from.

I am empowered with my own fate and the captain of my life without doubt and the measures of that are my exclusive domain.

After several months of blessed solitude in October of 1984 Mike washed ashore.  What a beautiful and loving man.  Mike and I met, began a relationship in part founded on my desire to be single, maintained two residences for 6 months before finally giving in to being coupled.  I committed and I really should’ve been “committed” for doing the deed.  The handwriting was on the wall from Archer Ave with Mikey’s violence and Tanguray Gin addiction.  Years later when I took the Gin away Mikey The Beer Sponge was born and the Beer Sponge Family would dominate my life all winter as the guilty Catholic plague on the face of the Earth that they truly are. I have no love of or for the vile and disgusting “holier than thou” attitude that drove Mikey insane and that enfolds him according to his plan.

I spent 10 days without shoe laces and 18 months in a Prosac fog as a turning point with Mikey the Beer Sponge and I learned to face the demons and belt the bully after a broken arm, broken leg, broken arm, destroyed business and life.  Back to the drawing board.  I did learn that I am able to move through life unencumbered and that’s a gift to this day long after the Prosac Fog lifted and the amplified by delay reactions worked through my poor decomposing brain.  I did learn how humans may be motivated to murder as a result of Mikey the Beer Sponge.

I retreated to South Carolina and the mountains to find healing and some solace after Mikey The Beer Sponge.  The comfort of the forests and mountains worked some magic on my soul and provided solace for this Loner again.  I knew the temporary nature of my  retreat and began planning escape almost as soon as I landed.  The months spent on a sailboat at a friend’s dock in N Reddington Beach prior to making the dash back north prepared me for what was to come.

Dangerous Dan and his lying, thieving ways a clear description and motivation for just being back in Florida and I did exactly that with a vengeance by moving to the Keys.  Living well is always the best revenge.

Doors open and close and the Venezuelan Victor appeared at my door in Key Largo in timing with Hurricane Ivan and that’s an accurate description of the relationship.  I miss him but clearly I am better for having sent him to Miami and moved me to St Pete.

So what’s the issue today?

The issue is, now and always, ME.  I am feeling discarded, abandoned, alone and the Loner is pushing to just be alone. I’m not being self-centered here but being the wounded animal that I abhor and finding the foundation for today’s me is literally driving me insane.  I’m feeling the three-eyed troll without any real foundation other than life around me and recognition that I am nothing.

Finding solace in being nothing is difficult at the moment.

Happy Saturday

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Happy Saturday

Hello America.

How’s the Kabuki and fraud going for ya?

Are you thoroughly entertained yet?

Let’s see; we have “looking forward, not back” as the legitimization of The Heist Of History, 2 declared Wars, The War On Drugs failure, and at least 5 others undeclared that Main Street is having the cash & prosperity vacuum of the Dynasty of Death running on full tilt to support.  Now the Corporate-Captured Government wants to starve Granny and Grampa to feed the greed of their Puppet Masters.

The liars’ contests on Main Street are over for a week or two, business as usual with the Banksters and Fraudsters still walking free and raping Main Street in their Heist of History that the Eric Holder & BFF Department of Injustice have surrendered to.  The Pentagon and their “No-Bid” contracts to the Dynasty of Death and all their cronies are firmly in place and the the cash vacuum is running full-tilt.

The Holy Teapublican & Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc’s War On Democracy is well documented and continues from St Ronnie and the Big Tent to the complete capture by theocrats of today.  Their 60 year War On Main Street is come to full fruition with the Free Speech (according to the Roberts’ SCOTUS equation Cash equals Free Speech.) being held by the 2% and the rest of America gets “Piss On You” economics disguised as Voodoo and “Job Creators” mythology.

You know I can’t help but giggle about how the last Presidential Election was really a re-play of the Alvin Green Vs Jim Demented in SC test run.  The Oligarchs needed our Goldman Sachs Meat-Puppet in place to continue the agenda of the Dynasty of Death through the “looking forward, not back” endorsement of War Crimes, Torture, Gulags, Treason, Murder and open thievery.  Good show.  Real American.

It is a real illness on America when Bernie Sanders, a socialist, is the last real Statesman left on the Hill.

The mythologists and propagandists have spun this War Mentality and vilification of the “Most Feared Other” into a state of perpetual War that is the Kristol-Nacht wet-dream of the NEO-Cons come to full fruition.  They divide America with poison and lies and are licensed by the Florida Courts in the case of Faux Spews & Fiends fairly unbalanced Tabloid TV and propaganda.

The real question lies in what is America?

Ask not what America can do for you; ask what you can do for America. bore fruit in assassination last time the FED was threatened.  This time they just collapse the Global Economies and inflict “austerity” to continue their hoarding and greed.

One Human Family, indeed.

On Eric Cantor’s recent remarks:

I love it when the Mythology-Based Kantor for the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc displays their willful ignorance in public.  Oh but then this is THE KANTOR, the YOUNG-GUN, the “savior” of the Holy Republican & Teapublican Cults of Jeebus Inc; truly #2 in the Zoo.

The position they assume as victims in “some people have religious convictions” has no place in the Government’s positions.

I am not working to deny Civil Rights to these mythologists now or ever.  Why are they working to deny mine?

“There is no one asking you to:”
Marry a Man.
Have an abortion.
Use contraception.
Let your lips slip below your partner’s hips.

Why do you inflict your Ergot-Hallucination Induced Mythology of Bronze Age Men on me?  Hum?

What of Samuel 1:18 and the love between Jonathan and Daniel?
What ever happened to Lillith?

The Catholic & LDS Churches PropH8 defines them as Political Action Committees in their Tithes For Lies Pogroms through NOM, both One Million Moms, Blowhard Donaugh and other SPLC recognized hate groups like the Family Research Council and their ilk.  Why are they not taxed?

The last liar’s contest on Main Street provided a real Alvin Green Vs Jim Demented Presidential selection to America now didn’t it?  Trial runs anyone?

Just think Savings and Loan debacle and today.  OK?

The Justice Department surrenders to the Criminal Stinking Zombie Corpses on Wall Street who Socialized the Loss and Privatized the Profit for pure greed and “doing God’s work.”

The Napalitano Gestapo and spying on Americans rage on and yet the only place these Meat-Puppets for the Oligarchy are able to find funding is off the backs of Grandma, Grampa, The Infirm-ed, Children, education, health and welfare for ALL.  Go figure.

What’s important is America’s place as #1:
Terrorist Nation on the face of the Earth
In Warehousing humans in prisons and jails
Waging War On Main Street.

I do not have enough Free Speech to buy my very own politician as is clearly demonstrated in Open Secrets for all Americans to use..


On the topic of keeping GITMO open and the outrage it is to America.

As an American I am so freaking over this Corporate-Captured Government’s smoke-screen of “transparency” and say one thing do another Orwellian-isms like the Patriot Act to the Monsanto permission to rape law and I can’t be sued.  Kind of sort of like those No-Bid Military Contracts with “non-prosecution” clauses.

The after-birth of the Dynasty of Death should be put to good use.  I have a few creative suggestions:

1) The ChainE-Dubya-Rumsfeld-Paulson shrine to absolute Fascism and destruction of the Constitution?
(Cross-Referenced with the CDRP or Cross Dressing Religious Perverts)
2) The home of the Dubya paints his toes School of Fine Art?
(The Gulag Gallery of War Criminals works too.)
3) The Miami Cuban’s free-trade zone?
4) The future home of all those who voted for the Patriot Act?
5) Headquarters for the FED?
6) Home of the G-8?
7) The ChainE Gulag Tissue-Match and Organ-Donor Memorial Center?
9) Nepalitano Gestapo Headquarters?
10) The future home of the United States Chamber of Commerce?

Who says American ingenuity is dead?

Reality Check

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Reality Check

This is the punditry posted at HP and the Link is HERE.

OK, I see lots and lots of pain to America’s Main Streets and a tiny percentage of discretionary Military spending directly effecting the troops but where are the Corporate Super-People in feeling any pain?

Military “Contractors” still out number troops on the ground in our occupation of innocent people’s land.  We’ve done what Americans do best; blow things up and throw money down the crapper while sacrificing our sons and daughters for ideals unable to be upheld at home.  Guarding Opium Poppies for the Oligarchy.  Feeding the greed.

The Roberts Supreme Court’s immaculate conception and virgin birth of the Corporate Super-Person with more rights to Free Speech than you or I is clear in their Cash equals Free Speech decisions.
Just look at how closely they listen to their Koch patrons.

America, are you happy that Free Speech is now contained in hands of the 2% during this War On Main Street?

The Dynasty of Death is upon us in grand style as this Inside the Beltway hive-mentality, War-mentality continues to drive this nation deeper into the pits of pure Fascism.  Perpetual War profits who?

The Justice Department of Eric & BFF defines surrender to the Wall Street and Bankster stinking Zombie corpses propped up by “Socialize the Loss but Privatize the Profit” in their “political and economic concerns” but has no problem harassing an Internet Genius to death in their run on Free Speech for free.

Where is the public outcry for dual Justice based on cash on hand?
Or extortion of a Nation because of none as in TARP?

The Patriot Act, the National Defense Act and now the Justice Department surrender to Fraud because of cash speaks volumes to what America is today in the #1 Terrorist Nation on the face of the Earth directing that poison at it’s Citizens.  There is no Constitution apparently since the one who must not be mentioned paints his toes in Tyler, TX as the Hague is calling.

Where are the real Military cuts?  The one who must not be mentioned’s puppet-master is crowing about a tissue-match from the Gulags he created and the Hague is calling.

One thing the American Citizens should do is purchase the tickets for the ChainE/Dubya band of War Criminals, Gulag & Gestapo creators, Torturers and “deficits don’t matter” thieves to Amsterdam.

We’ll have to clean up the Moscow on the Potomac and Leningrad on the Hudson “doing God’s work” with pitch-forks and torches it appears.

Oh that’s right.  This government prosecutes “Whistle-Blowers” and subverts Occupy.  Big Brother is watching.  Unless you are a Banker.

Are there any cuts to the Napalitano Gestapo?  How about the “Intelligence Community?”  Grope-patrols galore from “Papers Please” to Voting “Papers Please” this Police State is now militarized and ready to rock n roll at the drop of a joint.

Corporate Person

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Corporate Person


It is very important for discussion to understand exactly what a “Corporation” is within this article.


As the law stands now these entities composed of many individuals hiding behind the Corporate Veil utilizing the “person-hood” of a legal construct to conduct their sociopath-primate drive for Profit at any expense and held harmless for the acts of the Corporate Super-Person as exists today with the immaculate conception and virgin birth of Robert’s Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.


No where in the Constitution does it say “We the Corporate Entity” and this conflation is entirely intentional by the Robert’s Supreme Court in their drive to pollute and pervert the founding documents of this once great nation.


The absolute obscenity of “Cash equals Free Speech” by this Robert’s CONservative Court is the foundation laid for the total corruption of the political process as witnessed today in the Tokyo Roves and perpetual Corporate sponsored propaganda from Tabloid TV and Press.


In most American’s mind there is already a graphic example of how successful this perversion is already existing in the Holy Teapublican Cults of Jeebus Inc with their petrol-roots, Koch Oligarch sponsored political position and the damages done to the United States as a direct result.


Look to the Corporate Capture of this Government for reinforcement of this position with Congress and the Senate in need of NASCAR-like logos so we all can keep track of who owns them because they sure don’t work for you and me.  These Meat-Puppets and whores for K & C Street just won their Liar’s Contests and could care less about America.


It is now entirely possible for the political power of the United States electorate to be polluted with the presence of foreign nationals in the process as seen in current Faux Spews and Fiends fairly unbalance Tabloid TV and propaganda from the Aussie and his Fat-Cat Butt-Buddy Ailes.


Look at the Dynasty of Death.


The foundational question remains of:

Are we a nation of humans bound by common goals or are we the nation of Meat-Puppets for the Corporate Super-Entity who now Rapes, Pillages and steals from Main Street indiscriminately.


SCOTUS just decided that 90% of all the Free Speech is held by the 2%.


The United States Department of Justice has surrendered to the Banksters and Wall Street Corporate Super-Humans.

The Military has surrendered to the Military Contractor Super-Humans.  America’s Main Streets have suffered severely in the War On Democracy and the War On Main Street as demonstrated in the income inequality of Piss-On-You Corporate Meat-Puppet politics up to the vile “Right To Work” laws intended on elimination of the opposition to these greedy thieves.


Socialize the loss and Privatize the Profit while holding those who bailed your unhappy asses out in contempt and continually raped.

“Doing God’s Work.”