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Corporate Person

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on April 3, 2013

Corporate Person


It is very important for discussion to understand exactly what a “Corporation” is within this article.


As the law stands now these entities composed of many individuals hiding behind the Corporate Veil utilizing the “person-hood” of a legal construct to conduct their sociopath-primate drive for Profit at any expense and held harmless for the acts of the Corporate Super-Person as exists today with the immaculate conception and virgin birth of Robert’s Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.


No where in the Constitution does it say “We the Corporate Entity” and this conflation is entirely intentional by the Robert’s Supreme Court in their drive to pollute and pervert the founding documents of this once great nation.


The absolute obscenity of “Cash equals Free Speech” by this Robert’s CONservative Court is the foundation laid for the total corruption of the political process as witnessed today in the Tokyo Roves and perpetual Corporate sponsored propaganda from Tabloid TV and Press.


In most American’s mind there is already a graphic example of how successful this perversion is already existing in the Holy Teapublican Cults of Jeebus Inc with their petrol-roots, Koch Oligarch sponsored political position and the damages done to the United States as a direct result.


Look to the Corporate Capture of this Government for reinforcement of this position with Congress and the Senate in need of NASCAR-like logos so we all can keep track of who owns them because they sure don’t work for you and me.  These Meat-Puppets and whores for K & C Street just won their Liar’s Contests and could care less about America.


It is now entirely possible for the political power of the United States electorate to be polluted with the presence of foreign nationals in the process as seen in current Faux Spews and Fiends fairly unbalance Tabloid TV and propaganda from the Aussie and his Fat-Cat Butt-Buddy Ailes.


Look at the Dynasty of Death.


The foundational question remains of:

Are we a nation of humans bound by common goals or are we the nation of Meat-Puppets for the Corporate Super-Entity who now Rapes, Pillages and steals from Main Street indiscriminately.


SCOTUS just decided that 90% of all the Free Speech is held by the 2%.


The United States Department of Justice has surrendered to the Banksters and Wall Street Corporate Super-Humans.

The Military has surrendered to the Military Contractor Super-Humans.  America’s Main Streets have suffered severely in the War On Democracy and the War On Main Street as demonstrated in the income inequality of Piss-On-You Corporate Meat-Puppet politics up to the vile “Right To Work” laws intended on elimination of the opposition to these greedy thieves.


Socialize the loss and Privatize the Profit while holding those who bailed your unhappy asses out in contempt and continually raped.

“Doing God’s Work.”

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