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Reality Check

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on April 3, 2013

Reality Check

This is the punditry posted at HP and the Link is HERE.

OK, I see lots and lots of pain to America’s Main Streets and a tiny percentage of discretionary Military spending directly effecting the troops but where are the Corporate Super-People in feeling any pain?

Military “Contractors” still out number troops on the ground in our occupation of innocent people’s land.  We’ve done what Americans do best; blow things up and throw money down the crapper while sacrificing our sons and daughters for ideals unable to be upheld at home.  Guarding Opium Poppies for the Oligarchy.  Feeding the greed.

The Roberts Supreme Court’s immaculate conception and virgin birth of the Corporate Super-Person with more rights to Free Speech than you or I is clear in their Cash equals Free Speech decisions.
Just look at how closely they listen to their Koch patrons.

America, are you happy that Free Speech is now contained in hands of the 2% during this War On Main Street?

The Dynasty of Death is upon us in grand style as this Inside the Beltway hive-mentality, War-mentality continues to drive this nation deeper into the pits of pure Fascism.  Perpetual War profits who?

The Justice Department of Eric & BFF defines surrender to the Wall Street and Bankster stinking Zombie corpses propped up by “Socialize the Loss but Privatize the Profit” in their “political and economic concerns” but has no problem harassing an Internet Genius to death in their run on Free Speech for free.

Where is the public outcry for dual Justice based on cash on hand?
Or extortion of a Nation because of none as in TARP?

The Patriot Act, the National Defense Act and now the Justice Department surrender to Fraud because of cash speaks volumes to what America is today in the #1 Terrorist Nation on the face of the Earth directing that poison at it’s Citizens.  There is no Constitution apparently since the one who must not be mentioned paints his toes in Tyler, TX as the Hague is calling.

Where are the real Military cuts?  The one who must not be mentioned’s puppet-master is crowing about a tissue-match from the Gulags he created and the Hague is calling.

One thing the American Citizens should do is purchase the tickets for the ChainE/Dubya band of War Criminals, Gulag & Gestapo creators, Torturers and “deficits don’t matter” thieves to Amsterdam.

We’ll have to clean up the Moscow on the Potomac and Leningrad on the Hudson “doing God’s work” with pitch-forks and torches it appears.

Oh that’s right.  This government prosecutes “Whistle-Blowers” and subverts Occupy.  Big Brother is watching.  Unless you are a Banker.

Are there any cuts to the Napalitano Gestapo?  How about the “Intelligence Community?”  Grope-patrols galore from “Papers Please” to Voting “Papers Please” this Police State is now militarized and ready to rock n roll at the drop of a joint.

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