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Monday Again

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on April 29, 2013

Monday Again

The full moon weekend was festive and restive although in retrospect it is a bit of “misery loves company” with the Gay 7 Gray set that is me and the few peers remaining.

I’ve become completely disenchanted with the AOHell Huffington Post and their censorship.

As a political pundit it’s an infuriating place living in AmeriKKKa today.  I’m working on ways to communicate that effectively so it may be heard by many rather than just the like minded..

Amazingly this doesn’t pass the censorship:

I’ve been diligently working to find a voice that passes the censorship board and have some success so here goes:


These Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc Luddite Meat-Puppets and Missionaries of Hate are not representative of “We The People” in spite of just having passed their liars contests on Main Street.  There isn’t a Statesman in the lot of these purchased pigs at the trough.


It is clear to this American that the Corporate-Capture of Government is what Ike warned us of in 1960 with a perpetual state of War as the NEO-CON wet dream of reality today with no defined enemy combatant other than “terrorist,” a tactic; not a nation but a political ideology.  In America today you only need be labeled “terrorist” and you too may enjoy indefinite detention and the ChainE (looking for tissue match) hospitality of GITMO.


This Clown-Car full of pandering pigs is on display as never before and they revel in the Kabuki as the Department of Injustice surrenders to Wall Street and the Greedy Bankster thieves.


The only “priority” inside the Beltway is where is my next stack-o-cash coming from?  Where can I sell my vote today?


The Uterine focus of the Holy Republican Cults of Jeebus Inc is convenient for them to distract the fearful fundamentalist Buy-Bull Thumpers and Taliban as they all huddle in that recto-cranial position of I, Me, MY that rules their petty, ill lives as “representatives” of the American People.  Look at the mighty white and know the lies of Wars, Fraud and endorsement of that all with “Looking forward and not back” from the Moderate Republican in the Goldman Sachs White House now.


Hate to break it to you America but Myth Romney Vs Obama was a repeat of the Alvin Green Vs Demented in SC (that being the trial run).

The Dynasty of Death still rules as the ChainE idiot puppet paints his toes in Tyler, TX and opens a library because he finally finished that 3rd coloring book.


Wake up America!

2014 is coming and for me Hope Springs Infernal because I demand to know just what direction “Forward” is an understand clearly the Orwellian circumstances that exist.


The reality is that these vile and slimy creatures hold America’s Main Street and labor in absolute contempt.


The War rage on because that’s the prosperity vacuum these vile creatures utilize to Rape America.

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