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Survival Sunday

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on May 12, 2013

Survival Sunday

Gay & Gray moves through it’s 50 shades…

The “torture,” oh my the “horrors” of failing to have one’s self embalmed at 29.

Looking from the vantage point of today, fully self-sufficient within it and fully proficient in the technologies creates an amplification of this feeling of alone.  In America the “social” skills and graces are a dwindling phenomenon and this shift in American civility and priorities very reflective of that DE-humanization.

Within my life the experiences of the first TV, party line telephones with rotary dials and seeing man walk on the Moon to today’s global instant communications; the removal of humanity from the process of “communication” is now accepted as fact and reality.

Woodstock, Kent State, Stonewall and the Chicago demonstrations all are within my grasp from being alive and conscious during the events.  The Kennedy Assassinations, Martin Luther King and the list goes on ad nauseium into infinity. From JFK’s assassination  onward the world’s Center has shifted clearly into the Dynasty of Death’s agenda.

My experiences with life, having the great good fortune to survive in this hostile world of Nepalatino Gestapo Grope-Patrols, the Police State created by the War On Main Street waged by Washington provides me voice today.

My intimate knowledge and skills in observation and identification for accurate communication provides me little joy as the diversity dwindles.  My childhood experiences of clear-cutting and improved forestry management have saved some in the Tropics while the reef systems and surface water are Chemical Lawn green.

Where is the America of my Grandparent’s generation and why aren’t more Americans up in arms over this foundational attack by the Corporate Super-Person on all our safety, welfare and survival?

Why do Americans accept the Corporate-Capture of Government by the Corporate Super-Person with more access to Government than you or I and more rights to free speech?

As an avid historian my curiosity is inflamed as to the How, Why, Who, What, When and Where of this very real condition in America today because Americans appear to have absolutely no memory beyond 5 minutes past.  I’m not sure if that’s the voyeuristic 24/7 news cycle that passes as Journalism today or an intentional (as in Rupert Murdoch/Alies unholy alliance in Faux Spews and Fiends fairly unbalanced Tabloid TV) bias or if it is driven by the root of the War Mentality that now consumes this nation.

I’ve always considered myself a Berdache (One of two spirits) as shared in oral tradition when my Iroquois Grandmother recognized me.  I self-identified as Gay since early teens and I have worked diligently to find common ground with everyone.  No matter how hard I tried to conform to the social expectations with the woman who was almost the man of my dreams; I failed.

Today’s perspective puts Mike (aka Mikey The Beer Sponge) in the realm of guilty Catholic abusers by design and having seen addiction consume on those levels; ones taste and experience are too actively involved in mere survival to ever enjoy a buzz.  I am no baby-sitter for a grown man who “can’t” while I can.  Karmic rewards are sure and life moves on.  As a survivor I am grateful, again, for that Berdache patterning that allows twice the strength when others would collapse.

Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane was a fun rush too but not something I pursue with the passion a man with his hair on fire exhibits for a pond.  The alteration of the brain chemistry, the empowerment of making that leap of faith is a redefining moment for any human faced with making the choice between brain and body ownership.

Positioning the full length mirror so I catch sight of me first thing in the morning may be the only thing keeping the pacemaker away.

From this current state of decomposition the very real and alarming reality of a militarized Police, more Gestapos than Citizens and history as clearly defined in the Dynasty of Death rule this Earth either through outright purchase or subversion.

Orwell’s 1984 was 29 years ago and we are living the fruits of that nightmare today.

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