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Terrorist Tuesday 5.14.13

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on May 14, 2013

Terrorist Tuesday 5.14.13

Progress but no perfection on getting into see a Doctor here so I’m being encouraged with the 48 hours turn-around time promised.  Finding medical treatment here in Pinellas County is a lesson in the dichotomy of this system constructed intentionally by the Insurance and Medical professions to insure their greed is satisfied.  Being a white male is the biggest barrier at this point, in my humble opinion.

Life is getting better but there are no substantive improvements, only my lifting the depression by sheer will and maintaining focus has spared me the usual pits of Hell this morning.  This is an insane world we live within so I fit right in.

There is no greater argument for Universal Health Care in the United States than the pure greed and animus of the Insurance Companies.  Why is it that an initial office visit costs more than most earn in a week in this economy?  Then the costs of the testing to cover the physician’s malpractice insurance requirements rather than be diagnostic tools runs $3 to $5 hundred dollars on top of that.  Add to that the lost wages for the time required to get through the waiting room and finally see a physician for less than 10 minutes.  What’s wrong with this picture?

I’m not breaking into a major rant on anything today.  Just looking at the world around me, as an American Citizen, I am totally disgusted with the Fools on the Hill, the Kabuki and Fraud perpetrated against Americans and the War on Main Street these twisted meat-puppets have declared.

I am hand-feeding Bea Bird because she’s refusing to eat after Avery died and it’s just one more chore in life that I willingly accept to keep this living jewel within my life with me.

Working from home has been a God-Send for me.  I am not fit to travel or suffer the exposure of cubicles of compliance and the Nazi Corporate atmosphere.  This hostile work place and the Ownership are as vile and reprehensible as I’ve ever experienced with their stealing from employees, unilateral pay changes and “Figures don’t lie but Liars figure” demonstrations in life.  I am seeking appropriate employment but with the health issues, the lack of transportation and the general economic conditions I am limited but still searching.

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