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Saturday Morning Sunshine

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on August 3, 2013

Saturday Morning Sunshine

Peace and serenity have settled back on Tori Beach as the last effects of the plunge into the seedy underbelly of the Gay Community has come to an end and normalcy (as close as I ever get) returns to this place I love.  Lee and I have returned to being the great friends that history spells out as the reality between us and the looming specter of Michael nearly vanished.

The sunrise this morning was spectacular through the bamboo and it was difficult to pry my happy self out of the new pillow-top bed hanging from the ceiling.  I can now crawl into bed and rock myself to sleep with the new bed suspended so I am sleeping 4 feet off the floor.  Not only do I love the sheer sensory pleasure of having done this again in life but the feeling of return to childhood strong as a result.

The world and life isn’t perfect but having this refuge and retreat makes everything bearable.  Couple that with the great company on this journey called life with Lee here as my goat and as Giraffes bonded for mutual protection and a happiness quotient goes off the scale.  Tori Beach is a miraculous place from which all else will spring; of that I am sure.

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